Business is Better Than a Job

Indeed! Business is better then Job, Yes you heard it right. An old saying in Hindi, "उत्तम खेती मध्यम बान, नीच चाकरी कुक्कर निदान". It is absolutely right. Many youngster in India are confused with Job and Business, it is really not so easy to decide after facing the pandemic recently. Discussion is very important and it is recommended to all please discuss before decision about JOB vs Business

Business Vs Job

As the topic suggests, definitely we'll have to discuss hard before reaching any conclusion. Everything in this world have some Pros and Cons. But what we actually like and what do we really love to do is more important then anything else. 

Let's discuss Business or Jobs based on various points -

Comparison - If you want to understand it, Honestly tell me some of the richest man/woman in world/country/state/locality? You know many rich people by name and by their company name or by their sector or work or business. Trust me these people are business man and you know them because they did some business nicely and earned enough so that world know them today. This is the beauty if Business my friend!
Now tell some name who are successful in their private of government job there are very few you may know. So what they earn a lot so what they are at the biggest post in Job with some great power. For example -  An IAS(DM or DC) in your town or district is the most powerful man and get paid highest salary but their real boss is some politicians. And bad thing is that you perhaps you don't know him by face or by name. Now think about Ambani/Tata/Birla you know many things about these businessman. 
Success Rate - In Indian most of the people are afraid of Business because they are afraid to fail. In other word, we can say that success rate is very less. Think about the biggest dream job in India? It is UPSC/IAS/IPS but here the success rate is very very less then the success rate of Business. Being a students, parents we all know this fact, but our society always welcomes the decision of millions candidates who are preparing for IAS/IPS. We never complement or praise the one who willing to be a businessman and willing to start their dream business. 
Freedom - Talking about freedom, Definitely in business we have more freedom then Jobs, It is a major drawback in any Jobs that all your major time is spent for the employers or the organization for which you are working. 
Old Age Regret - No matter how much salary you get from your current Jobs, Once you retired from it. Most people regret that they could not do Business. We have only one life, it can't be awesome if you're not giving back something to your society. Business is the way, you can repay or contribute something for your society or for someone surrounding you.

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