Tourist Spots in Darbhanga, The Capital Of Mithila

Places of Interest in Darbhanga - The adage is most appropriate for the city of Darbhanga because change is the law of nature. This metropolis is developing at an unprecedented rate. We believe that now is the appropriate time to talk in detail about the tourist attractions, religious sites, and their significance because the city's life style, economy, and administration are changing. Darbhanga is a city located in the northern part of the Indian state of Bihar. Some of the popular places of interest in Darbhanga are: 
  • Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum
  • LNMU Campus
  • Kankali Temple 
  • Shyama Temple 
  • Holy Rosary Church 
  • Darbhanga Fort 
  • Ahilya Asthan 
  • Chandradhari Museum 
  • Mazar of Makhdoom Baba 
  • Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary 
  • Ghanta Ghar or Clock Tower.
Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum -
Freshly launched public planetariums include Darbhanga Planetarium. It gives general audiences and school groups informative shows on astronomy and space science. The planetarium has a dome theatre, a digital projection system, and a number of astronomy and space exploration-related exhibitions.

Ahilya Asthan -
It is a renowned ancient temple that is located in Jale Block, about 3 kilometres south of Kamtaul Railway Station. Ahilya gram is the name of this location. The story of Ahilya is well known in the Ramayan. According to the Ramayan, when Lord Ram was travelling to Janakpur, he stepped on a stone, which changed into Ahilya. The Ahilya was cursed by her husband Gautam Rishi to turn into stone. Ahalya is honored at the temple as Gautam Rishi's wife. Every year, there are large fairs celebrated in honor of Vivah Panchami in Agrahayan and Ramnavami in the Hindi month of Chaitra. In the village, there are numerous other temples and mosques.

Kusheshwar-asthan -
On the Samastipur, Khagaria Branch line of the North Eastern Railway, it is a significant religious site located about 16 kilometres east of Singhia and 22 kilometres northeast of Hasanpur Road railway station. It is well-known for housing the Kusheshwarasthan temple dedicated to Lord Shiva. Pligrims come to this location all year round to worship. This temple's history may be traced back to the epic era. Due to their greater ecological, faunal, floral, geomorphological, and natural importance, the fourteen waterlogged villages of the Kuseshwarasthan block, which span an area of 7019 acres and 75 decimals, have already been designated as the Kuseshwarasthan Bird Sanctuary under the Wild Life Protection Act of 1972. (as amended upto 1991).

Wet land areas of Darbhanga district in general andKusheshwarasthan block (Biraul Sub-division) in particular is the WINTER CAPITAL of approx 15 rare and endangered species of MIGRATORY BIRDS. The WINGED GUESTS coming from over eight countries swarm the vast water bodies spread in approx 8100 hects. during winter between November and March.
Longitude: 85 degree 40′ -86 degree 25′ East, 
Latitude: 25 degree 53′ – 26 degree 27′ North
Height from sea level: 49 meters.
Approx 45 Kms East of Darbhanga Town.
Santuary Area: 6700 hects Chour Area, 1400 hects of Low land area. No. of Ponds/Chours – 202 govt. 412 Private.
Name of Birds - Local Name:- Lalshar, Dighouch, Mail, Nakta, Gairi*, Gagan*, Silli, Adhani, Harial, Chaha, Karan, Ratwa, Gaiber (White and Black)

Shyama Temple -
Shyama Temple is just one KM west of Darbhanga Railway Station. It is situated in the picturesque and peerless Lalit Narayan Mithila University. In fact it is private graveyard of Darbhanga Raj Royal family and temples have been build upon the graveyard of the ancestors of the Royal family. Shyama Temple is one of them. It was built in 1933. A huge statue of Goddess Kali is enshrined in this temple. This temple is famous not only for its grand our beauty and lively men but also for the faith that people here get there in desire fulfilled if they worship with holy heart.

Sati Asthan -
Sati Asthan is situated in the famous graveyard of Subhankarpur, which is about one km west of Darbhanga Maharaji bridge. Maharaj Rameshwar Singh who was also a great Tantrik used to visit here daily in mid night for his Tantra Sidhi. Late Pandit Harinandan Mishra father of Late Lalit Narayan Mishra, Ex, Railway Minister, Government of India, also held in this premises. Now a days people use to visit this place on everyday.

Manokamna Temple -
Manokamana Temple is situated in the University Campus just beside Nargauna Palace. This temple has constructed with the Marvel. In fact it is a Hanuman temple where a little but most beautiful statue of Hanuman is build of marvel. A lot of crowd came to visit this place every day.

Malechchhed Mardani Temple -
Malechchhed Mardini temple is one km south west of Darbhanga Railway station. It is temple of the Godden who destroy the faints. This temple is of utmost importance for Shakti people.

Kankali Temple -
Kankali temple is two km north west of Darbhanga Railway station in the premises of Qila of Darbhanga Mahraj. This temple is of utmost importance for Shakti people.

Kaitholic Church -
It was old type of Baungla Church established in 1891 where training is to given to Christen Pandit.. It is just situated one km north form the Darbhanga Railway Station. This building was demolished in the earthquake of 1897 and later on it was constructed. The pray was started in this building from 25 December 1991. The name of this church is Holy rosary Church. A lot of crowds were assembled on every Friday. Here Christmas festival is organized between Dec 25-31 and Anand Mela is organized on October 7 on each and every year. In the front of Church a most attractive symbol of Isamashi is also situated.

Masjid at Darbhanga Tower -
It is situated at two km west from the Darbhanga Railway Station and just near at Darbhanga Tower. It is the most attractive and religious place for the Islam religion. A crowd people are assembled on every Friday for pray their Namaj.

Chandradhari Museum, Darbhanga -
This museum was established on 7 December 1957 on the north bank of Mansarowar Lake. Late Chandradhari Singh of Ranti Dyordhi (Madhubani) donated all the artifact and other rare objects. It was shifted in double story building in 1974. There is no entry fee for visiting the Museum. It remains open for public on everyday except Monday. On the basis of arrangement and materials of the Museum it can be devided into eleven type of Halls.

Darbhanga City - 
Darbhanga town attained the status of a city (population 1 lakh and above) in 1961. Darbhanga is the seat of the Maharaja of Darbhanga. Laheriasarai that is the seat of district and divisional administration is a part of the Darbhanga town. The Raj area is a well developed and beautifully laid-out complex of palaces, temples, offices, parks, gardens and ponds. There are a number of palaces built by the successive Maharajas, important among them being Nargauna Palace, Anandbagh Bhawan and Bela Palace. A number of buildings are in the use of Sanskrit University and L.N.Mithila University. The old Raj Library has been taken over by the Mithila University. The Maharajas of Darbhanga have traditionally been very great patrons of art and literature and through their magnificence have always provided encouragement to the scholars of Maithili and Sanskrit. Mahesh Thakur who founded the Raj was a renowned scholar of Sanskrit. Emperor Akbar who was very much impressed by Raghunandan Jha, a scholar and disciple of Mahesh Thakur, conferred the estate upon him.

The town is noted for its trade in fish, mango and makhana. Among its educational institution are Chandradhari Mithila College, the Medical College, the Women’s College, The Engineering School and various other institutions.The following slogans are very famous about the Darbhanga City: -
  • Pag Pag Pokhair Pan Makhan
  • Saras Bol Muski Muskan
  • Vidya Baibhav Shanti Pratik
  • Lalit Nagar Darbhanga Thik

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