Bihar is Developing, Why Don't You?

''A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.''(अपने पिछले इतिहास, उत्पत्ति और संस्कृति के ज्ञान के बिना एक व्यक्ति जड़ों के बिना एक पेड़ की तरह है।)

State Bihar is Developing -

Once up on a time, Bihar and Bihari used to be a Joke across India. But today circumstances has been changed. Bihar is not like it used to be few decades ago. Bihari are not like before. There are several reasons for that, And one main reason is Development. In Bihar we have seen massive development is last few decades. So from our point of view we assume that Government are doing what they are supposed to do to transform Bihar as much as they can. It is a bit slow but development is everywhere. Criticizing government is not our duty. There is a group of people to control and watch the government if there is something wrong.

Change is the rule of nature. No doubt! Bihar and the Bihari are witnessing tremendous development across the state. Term Bihari is just an adjective and we should do something wherever we are, whatever we do, Do it to proud of it.

City Darbhanga is Developing -

In last few years, Darbhanga has emerged like never before. We have seen an exponential growth in all fields. Historical place Darbhanga deserve to be the most developed city. It took time, but now is the time for City Darbhanga to shine across the globe. From ancient time, Darbhanga has been very important in comparison to other city or kingdom, It has a beautiful Mithila Culture. Let's go back to our culture learn in details about our history and monuments. There are many things in Darbhanga to be proud of, we discuss about university of other state and town we admire them and their things but we don't have time to think and discuss about our own proud.  

Why don't You?

Just simple, Darbhanga is developing, Bihar is developing, Why don't you? Let me as this questions to all people of Bihar specially those who have very many excuses for everything. Please stop excusing, and focus on the beauty of being human. Focus on the beauty of your state, of your city. Spend some time in nature, in your society, learn as much as possible. Get involved, forget past, plan your future, set your goal. Get set ready and rock the world you belong to. No more excuse, no more blame, no more criticizing, no more laziness, no more sit back. 

Why don't you dream?
Why don't you desire?
Why don't you learn?
Why don't you serve?
Why don't you wish?
Why don't you plan?
Why don't you wish?
Why don't you have goal? All these whys can be answered from any moments. You don't need money for this. Only thing you need is a burning desire to do something for those you love and also for them who love you a lot. 

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