Second IT Park of Bihar in Darbhanga is Ready

IT Park in Darbhanga which is similar to the IT-Parks in Bangalore. It seems unbelievable for all people who belongs to IT Sector. Being a member of IT-Technology we always have seen a beautiful sky touching IT parks in city like Bangalore, Chennai and Pune. But we never ever imagined that one day we will have IT-Park in our own city Darbhanga. We have already discussed about IT Park Darbhanga - The Technology Hub.

IT Park Darbhanga to be called Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) - We have news or we can also say that all the IT Parks of India are called "Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)" so IT Park Darbhanga will be called STPI-Darbhanga. As per official updates from the Software Technology Parks of India (STPI), IT Park Darbhanga will be functional from January 2023. 
Benefits of IT Park Darbhanga - Many engineers of region Mithila working on top posts in IT-Industries across the globe. They all always want to give back something to the society and the locality where bought up. Now they all have great option to start something for their own in the field they are having mastery on. 
  • It is the Second IT Park Of Bihar
  • Boost Start Up Ecosystem
  • MNCs and IT Firm can get Offices
  • Work From Home will be easy from here
  • Chance of Employment will Increase
  • IT Environment will be created
  • Platform for people having innovative mind
  • Coding/Testing/Programming will trend

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