Exemption from the requirement of commercial license for LMV and LCV drivers

Indian Driving License - First of all let me explain you Driving License, A driving license is an official document(can be used as both Identity proof as well as Address proof) issued by the specific state government, allowing the individual to drive a motor vehicle on Indian roads across India. No matter which state has issued it, it is always called Indian Driving License cause it is valid in pan India. 

Provision of Transport(T) and Non-Transport(NT) in Driving License - In India, the majority of illiterate people are expected to operate a variety of large, heavy vehicles, including trucks and buses. They have flawless driving skills because to their extensive practice, but they are documentless. They are ignorant of it and lack any knowledge of it. I'm attempting to clarify the many sorts of driving permits in this post, as well as a Supreme Court announcement that there is no need for a Transport or CAB license to operate a light motor vehicle across India. Right now also there are many drivers having LMV(NT) Driving License are getting LMV(T) Driving License. They are not aware and some RTOs as well issuing it. But there is a notification and it clearly states that If you have Driving License for MCWOG, MCWG, LMV or E-rickshaw/E-cart. You don't need Transport or Commercial for that or you can drive any LMV having unladen weight up 7500KG(Any Goods or Passenger Vehicle anywhere across India)
Commercial LMV not required
MORTH Notification Regarding Exemption of Commercial License for LMV Goods or Passengers Vehicles - Ministry of Road Transport and Highways has published an advisory dated 16th April 2018 regarding Compliance of judgement. It is just compliance of the judgment dated 03-07-2017 of the Hon'ble supreme Court in Civil Appeal No. 5826 of 2O11 - Mukund Devagan v/s Oriental insurance Company and Others in the matter of issue of driving license for light motor vehicles. As per judgment by Supreme court "Light motor vehicle' as defined in section 2(21) of the Act would include a transport vehicle as per the weight prescribed in section 2(21) read with section 2(15) and 2(48). Such transport vehicles are not excluded from the definition of the tight motor vehicle by virtue of Amendment Act No. 54/1994"
To know more about this notification - Read the Advisory published by MORTH

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