Construction of VEENA VATIKA Township, Project

VEENA VATIKA Township is among the top ten in Bihar for amenities. As the developer KKT Constructions Pvt Ltd says, this township project would include more than 70 amenities. We are expected to believe them because either we Darbhangians don't have options like this or VEENA VATIKA is a project that has received RERA approval. Here is what the Bihar RERA portal currently displays. It makes it quite evident that VEENA VATIKA has RERA approval.

VEENA VATIKA Flats Booking cum Registration - On the day of Bhoomi Pujan there were a BIG FLAT DISCOUNT of 10% for all the flats and Booking. Apart from discount there was another offer, Only 11000/- Rupee was the Booking amount on that day. All mode of payment were accepted. 

Construction of VEENA VATIKA Township, Project - On the auspicious day of July 6, 2022, Project Bhoomi Pujan for the VEENA VATIKA Township was completed successfully. Approximately 2000 Darbhanga residents attended the puja ceremonies and received prasad. Construction on the VEENA VATIKA Township Project officially began that day, as we observed numerous construction tools prepared to pile the building's and blocks' foundations. Considering the RERA approval data, we are aware that Veena Vatika needs to do all the work by 12/05/2027. In essence, RERA has given them five years to build one of the largest, most advanced, and largest townships in Darbhanga.

If you are interested to buy home in Darbhanga in any Apartments or Township or any plotter which provide plots in Darbhanga, Before buying make sure the promotor or builder is registered under RERA. If promotor/projects/builder is registered under RERA there can't be any case or chance of fraud. So be wise and make sure to check. Here is the list of all 33 RERA Approved Projects in Darbhanga

VEENA VATIKA Township, Project Construction - Director of KKT Constructions Pvt Ltd have started their construction work and we believe they will complete the project on time. More then 50% flats have been booked so far. Veena Vatika is the first township project for the city Darbhanga. People of Darbhanga and people from neighbor cities like Madhubani, Supaul, Muzaffarpur and Saharsa are very excited for this unique and modern township project of Darbhanga. 

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