Seemanchal Pradesh, New Union Territory of India, Permanent Solution for the “Chicken’s Neck” Problem

Not so sure, if it just a rumor or some reality. We have some news regarding formation of new Union Territory of India to be called "Seemanchal Pradesh". Home Minister Amit Shah has started preparation for next general election which is expected to happen in May 2024. And the BJP has started in Bihar through Seemanchal. From last couple of weeks, many Union Ministers have started visiting the Seemanchal. 
Formation of New UT in India - 
There is a strong chances that Mr. Shah the Home Minister of India will announce the formation of new UT is India. Already there are 8 total Union Territories in India. Seemanchal Pradesh will be the 9th UT in India. As per news, we know that 4 districts will be taken away from Bihar and 7 districts will be taken from West Bengal. 

What is Chicken Neck Issue - 
One of the major problem of India. If we precisely look at the map of India and observe it. We can clearly see that western seven sister state of India is connected with a small area near siliguri where border of three countries are quit close. Border of Bangladesh, Nepal and China is a matter of concern which is quite close to chicken neck point. 

Announcement of Seemanchal Pradesh - 
In the last week of September, Mr. Shah will be addressing public in Siliguri and Kishanganj. There is a chance that announcement may be made to make Chicken Neck a Union Territory. If we look at the election statistics of Kishanganj and some of the Constituency and Lok Sabha seats occupation. Situation is not so good for BJP in this region. Another reason could be the 'Chicken Neck' issue of India. The chicken neck is a major problem and from many years government is trying to sort this out.  If we see the election result of General Election, situation of BJP is very bad in these area in comparison to whole Bihar.

Future of Seemanchal Pradesh as Union Territory - The part of India which are supposed to be the part of Seemanchl Pradesh right now fall under two states Bihar and West Bengal. If we see the data and statistics of India, one thing is clear that both states lack behind in many terms. Indeed it will be the best thing for the people of these district as there will be great chance of development in terms of Education, Hospitals and life styles of the people.  

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