Sarita Kumari - True Story of Only All Rounder Darbhanga's Woman Cricketer Of Bihar T20 Woman Team

Sarita Kumari, Rising Woman Cricketer -
What an exciting time for the village girl and her family that she was recently chosen for the Bihar team to play for WOMANS UNDER 19 ONE DAY TROPHY. Yes, we are referring to Darbhanga, Bihar, native Sarita Kumari. After reading numerous articles, I was compelled to write about Sarita Kumari's genuine experience. She is a native of a Darbhanga tiny village that is still in its infancy. Her hometown, a little village, is so unusual and underdeveloped that no one has ever correctly identified it. The correct name of her Village is Binwara (Panchayat-Khirma, Post Office-Koylasthan, Police Station-Keoti, Darbhanga). Just try to picture the village's surroundings, as well as its residents' customs and way of life. Sarita Kumari is the mud of Binwara's lotus. 
Sarita Kumari
Sarita Kumari, Early Life and Education- 
Sarita Kumari finished her education at the government school in her village, which is located just next to her house. She comes from a Schedule Caste (SC). I'm sorry to say this, but the village is extremely backward in every way. Patients are still transported on carts, people still refer to saints as snake-dunkers, and the education system and infrastructure have not evolved at all since the community's founding. Agriculture is the predominant cultural practice.
Sarita Kumari, Cricket as Career-  
One of the hardest choices she had to make in her life was to become a cricket player. People who live in environments and circumstances where girls are not even permitted to continue their education through class V (because the government school has facility to teach up to class V only). Because they are girls, they are meant to stop studying, thus they are expected to travel great distances to attend schools that are quite far from their village. She is one of them and she disregarded numerous rules and traditions in order to pursue her passion. She continued to ride her bike for more than 30 kilometers per day for both training and practices. Sarita Kumari plays for her squad in ALL Rounder. 

Sarita Kumari, Achievements and Awards- 
She has been selected to play for Bihar T20 Team and perhaps right now she is playing in Pune. From early time she has been hard working girl. And her hard work has rewarded as many great achievements. All girls of her age from that village are already married cause of early age marriage custom. 

Sarita Kumari got selected for WOMANS UNDER 19 ONE DAY TROPHY-
Cricketer Sarita Kumari got selected for WOMANS UNDER 19 ONE DAY TROPHY 2022 and right now she is playing for Bihar in Pune. She was the Vice-Captain of her University team. She is the only Woman Cricket Player from Darbhanga who has achieved state level name and fame. Sarita Kumari is the all rounder player from District Darbhanga Bihar. We wish her all the best may god bless this player so that she can really play for India one day, right now Sarita Kumari is the Player of Team Bihar.

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