Benefits, Risks and Future Plans for Google Bard

What is Google Bard?
In simple word we can say that Bard is the ChatGPT of Google. A conversational AI or Chabot named Google Bard was created by Google AI. The PaLM 2 neural network, which was trained on a sizable dataset of text and code, is what powers it. Bard is able to compose text, translate languages, write other forms of creative material, and provide you with informed answers to your inquiries. Although Bard is still in development, it has the capacity to be a tremendous instrument for learning, communication, and creativity.
Google Bard
Google Bard Launched Officially Worldwide -   
Google spent a long period developing it, working day and night, before launching it by invitation only for a limited number of people. Google officially announced the global debut of Bard yesterday. Here is the tweet that Google made "Today we’re removing the waitlist process and making Bard available in over 180 countries and territories, with more coming soon."
Right now it can be accessed at
Benefits of Using Google Bard - 
Google Bard is different from ChatGPT: The fact that Google Bard will keep abreast of the most recent advancements is one of the main distinctions. ChatGPT, however, has only been trained on data that is valid through September 2021.
Useful for Personal Life and Business: As personal assistant, as learning tools and there are many tasks and work we can get it done with the help of Bard easily. 
Better communication: Google Bard can assist you in having more productive conversations with others. It can comprehend your intentions and answer in a way that is understandable, succinct, and educational.
Increased Creativity: Google Bard can aid with your creativity. It might help you think of fresh thoughts and open your eyes to new possibilities.
Knowledge Gain: Google Bard can assist you in learning new information. Through Google Search, it can get information from the actual world, process it, and maintain its answer in line with search results.
Automated Tasks: Google Bard can do a variety of presently manual jobs. Additionally to saving time and money, this can increase accuracy and consistency.
Experiences that are more tailored to you: By learning about your preferences and interests, Google Bard may tailor your experiences. Your interactions with Google Bard may become more pleasurable and beneficial as a result.

Risks of Using Google Bard -
Misinformation or false data: Since Google Bard is still in development, it's likely that it will produce information that is false or deceptive. It is crucial to be conscious of this risk and to double-check any information you obtain from Google Bard.
Bias: Google Bard was trained using a sizable text and code dataset that could be biased. It's crucial to be conscious of these biases and to carefully consider any information you get from Google Bard.
Privacy Concern: Because Google Bard is such a strong tool, it's critical to utilize it carefully. It's critical to understand how using Google Bard may affect your privacy and to take precautions to do so.
Job Displacement: As Google Bard develops, it's probable that certain positions might be eliminated. As Google Bard is created and implemented, this is a possible danger that has to be taken into account.

Future Plans for Google Bard - 
Although Google Bard is still under development, it has the potential to be a formidable instrument for learning, communication, and creativity. Google Bard has several future goals, including: 
  • Adding support for more regions.
  • Introducing images and connecting with partner apps.
  • Improving the precision and dependability of Google Bard. 
  • Increasing the knowledge base of Google Bard. 
  • Enhancing the personalization of Google Bard.
  • Enhancing the accessibility of Google Bard for individuals with impairments.
Overall, Google Bard is an innovative new technology that has the potential to transform how we study, create, and communicate. It's critical to use Google Bard appropriately and to be aware of the possible advantages and pitfalls.

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