BPSC Teacher Recruitment Exam(TRE) Notification 2023 and All Details About the Exam

Teacher Recruitment Examination(TRE) 2023 - The forthcoming Teacher Recruitment Examination 2023 can now be started by all already employed teachers who began their careers prior to 2012 as well as all candidates for the CTET, BTET, and STET. We have the most recent information from Sri Atul Prasad, IAS (Retd), Chairman of BPSC. He has been quite active on social media recently, and it appears he is really enthusiastic to conduct and choose the best and most qualified teacher for Bihar. He has already said "Since an officer may encounter new obstacles at work where his expertise won't be useful, intelligence is more crucial to an officer than knowledge. In contrast, a teacher must always employ both when teaching, therefore they are both crucial. Thus, in TRE, random guessing must be severely prohibited."
BPSC Teacher Bihar
Primary, Secondary & Higher Secondary School Teacher Vacancies - Total 170461 teachers will recruited for class I to XII in Primary, Secondary and Higher Secondary Schools across Bihar. School wise and class wise vacancy of teachers has been given below - 
  • Primary School Teachers(Class I to V) - 79943
  • Secondary School Teachers(Class IX to X) - 32916
  • Higher Secondary School Teachers(Class XI to XII) - 57602 
Teacher Recruitment Exam(TRE) Question Patter and Syllabus - The details regarding the syllabus and question structure for the teacher exam were released by BPSC on May 13, 2023. All candidates will take two exams: one will be a language qualifying exam, and the other will be a general studies and subjects exam. Candidates' knowledge of the subject will be tested in the second paper, and their position on the merit list will be determined by how well they score on this exam. We have already discussed about the TRE syllabus and exam pattern here in details.
Teacher Recruitment Exam(TRE) Notification 2023 - The BPSC chairman, who briefed the media on the matter, has stated that the announcement for the hiring of teachers for primary, secondary, and higher secondary schools will be released this week. Aspirants should also be aware of the following news and information on the recruitment:
  • The notification will be published within 3 days. Notice for TRE 2023 has been published on 30.05.2023.
  • Examination will be conducted after August 15, 2023, giving applicants time to study. Exam date has been announced and exam will be held on 19th,20th, 26th and 27th August 2023. New exam date has been announced and the exam will be conducted on 24th,25th, 26th and 27th August 2023.
  • Four days will be allotted for the exam, with the first day devoted to a general Language paper. 
  • For teachers in elementary, secondary, and higher secondary schools, there will be three different exams over the next three days. 
  • English will not receive a separate pass grade from the language paper's total of 30 qualifying marks. 
  • No negative marking on the language paper. 
  • According to the rules, the eligible cutoff date is 1 August 2023. 
  • Only subjects in which STET has been passed may be chosen by candidates.
  • If qualified, candidates may apply for several levels of school. 
  • If they pass the STET, they can also select alternative courses for various tests. 
  • The use of biometric authentication will be required. 
  • In order to adequately inspect candidates before they reach the examination area, candidates will be contacted three hours in advance, and admission will be closed two hours beforehand.
  • Level of Questions for Primary School Teachers will be Intermediate, for Secondary school teachers, Graduation and for Higher secondary school teachers it will be Post Graduate level questions in the exam. 
All the official notice, news, vacancies and apply date for BPSC TRE 2023 has been explained here. 

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