News is information about recent occurrences that is deemed to be of interest to the general audience. Anything is fair game, including politics, crime, sports, and entertainment. News is essential because it keeps us updated about what is going on in the globe. We may use it to make wise judgements about our life as well. In recent years, there has been a striking change in how we consume news. With the quick development of technology, the internet has supplanted other information sources for millions of people worldwide. 

Future of News - 
Although the future of news is unknown, it is certain that the sector is going through a time of major transformation. The future of news is anticipated to be significantly impacted by the development of social media, the increase of digital news, and the waning of conventional news sources. It will be fascinating to observe how the news business responds to these adjustments and how it maintains its commitment to providing the public with accurate information.

Some of the possible scenarios for the future of news - 
The rise of citizen journalism-
The growth of niche news outlets-
The rise of artificial intelligence (AI) in news production-

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