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Darbhanga IT Park
Just amazing and mesmerizing, It is like dream come true for people of Darbhanga who love technology. We must appreciate the efforts of concerns Officials and Ministers who has brought IT Park in Darbhanga. It was February 2019, when in an auditorium of DMCH Proposal of Construction of IT Park in Darbhanga was inagurated by Central Minister Ravi Shankar Prasad. Good things always take time and in this case also we have seen a bit delay but not everything is on time and we assume that pretty soon City Darbhanga's IT Park will be functional and it is expected that more then 15 giant IT company will set up their offices in IT Park Darbhanga. 

Second IT Park of Bihar -
First IT Park of Bihar in Patna, And second IT-Park of the state is being constructed in City Darbhanga.  Though IT-Park Darbhanga is under construction but work in progress is on time. In the year 2020, IT Park Construction Tender costs 9,90,16,000/-(9 Crore, 90 lakhs and 16 Thousand) was approved and work started. Total area covered for the constructions of IT Park in 16171 sqft. Have a look at the 3D Model Blue Print of IT-Park Darbhanga. It is being constructed near Industrial Training Institute for Women Darbhanga, Ramnagar Darbhanga.
IT Park Darbhanga
Benefits of IT Parks Darbhanga - 
City is growing so the expectations of the people is also growing. Right now many talented and skilled are working in many leading IT firm and they are helpless they are bound to leave their native for the sake of earnings as well. Having IT-Park in Darbhanga might solve this problem up to some level. City Darbhanga have many ITI, Engineering Colleges and Private Firms to train Technology. Now students of these tech schools will have an easy option to work for the IT-Firm in their Home town. 

Key features of the Darbhanga IT Park-
  • After the Patna IT Park, it is the second IT park in Bihar. 
  • Its construction would cost Rs. 9.9 crore. 
  • It will cover 16,171 square feet in total. 
  • It will be able to house more than 100 IT businesses. 
  • It will feature a variety of amenities, including a parking lot, a data center, a conference room, a library, a restaurant, a gym, and a fire safety system. 
  • In Darbhanga, the IT industry, more than 5,000 employment are anticipated to be created. It is anticipated to accelerate the region's economic growth.

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