KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG QUIZ MARATHON

KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG MARATHON - 24 Hours QUIZ Marathon for all.

Darbhanga IT-Park Software Hub

Darbhanga IT-Park is under construction pretty soon, City Darbhanga will have latest IT-Park with laced with new tech.

IndiGo to start flights for Kolkata, Hyderabad from July 5

Great News for Darbhanga City, As Indigo has announced that Flight for Kolkata and Hyderabad will start from July 5th.

Darbhanga Airport Started Flight Service

Darbhanga Airport Flight Service started on November 8th, 2020.

VEENA VATIKA - A Dream Township in Darbhanga

Great news for all - Darbhanga's first Township Project - VEENA VATIKA started Booking.

Places to Visit in Darbhanga

Not fare to say Town Darbhanga anymore it's City Darbhanga. People are seeking for places to visit and pass their free time in the city as a result of its rapid growth. In this city, Darbhanga, there are a lot of historical attractions, and many more are about to begin. Let's talk about two historical sites in Darbhanga that are worth visiting.

Places to visit in Darbhanga

If you ever get the chance to visit Darbhanga, you absolutely must not miss the LNMU Campus (Lalit Narayan Mithila University), which is just close to RAJ QILA. Only religious people should visit the MAA SHYAMA Mandir, which is close to Manokamna Mandir, as the second-best destination.

Talking about places to visit in the City Darbhanga let's start from history. Well, We don't have exact date but It was lump sum 1930 when both the historical places RAJ QILA and MAA SHYAMA MANDIR was built in Darbhanga Empire. RAJ QILA is the second LAAL QILA in India. Unfortunately, the construction of Darbhanga FORT(QILA) could not be completed else it would have been one of the top monuments of India Today. MAA SHYAMA MANDIR is also called MAA  RAMESHWARI SHYAMA MANDIR. Not only in Darbhanga City but SHYAMA Temple is quit popular in region Mithila. Both the places SHYAMA TEMPLE and RAJ QILA along with LNMU Campus, we recommend you to visit if you  ever commute in Darbhanga. Both are the clean place, specially Temple is well maintained.  

Very soon you can visit very amazing attractions in City Darbhanga which are under constructions namely Darbhanga Planetarium, Darbhanga IT Park and many more in coming future. Now City Darbhanga has the beautiful luxurious resort of North Bihar - Dalaan Resort and Machaan Restaurant 

Buy Apartment in City Darbhanga(SPECIAL OFFER)

‘Not rain but Pour’ and there is a saying ‘The day God decides to give you something, It would not just rain but pour'. I am sure most of the Darbhagians feel that way. And there is a reason for that. Town Darbhanga has become City Darbhanga. Things are growing fast, I recommend you all to be curious and please keep your eye open. Don't miss any opportunity. There will be millions of opportunities for the people of City Darbhanga in coming days. 

Central Government and State Government are definitely doing great for the City Darbhanga. New things are either moving or planning to move to City Darbhanga. So the builder and apartments. Almost all the leading builders of Bihar are planning for various types of Apartment Construction across the City Darbhanga. And thus people of Darbhanga are getting an awesome opportunity to book their dream house in their Dream City Darbhanga.

Buy Apartment in City Darbhanga(SPECIAL OFFER) 

Having said that many builders have either started building apartment or just they are planning and acquiring land for that. We get an opportunity to benefit as early birds. 


Talking about the location, it is one of the best in location of City Darbhanga. They have put their banners across City just contact them for further information. Or just visit the location for better understanding. 

2.  VEENA VATIKA @ DILLI More, Near Darbhanga Airport

This project has not yet been announced officially, But we can expect that soon this astounding project will be started for Booking as well as Construction work. 

VEENA VATIKA a Dream Apartment in City Darbhanga

KKT Constructions Pvt Ltd, one of the best and most well-known builders in City Darbhanga, is planning to construct the stunning township/apartment complex VEENA VATIKA, a Dream Apartment/Township Project in the City. We'll keep you informed as we find out more about this township proposal. The most recent KKT Constructions Pvt Ltd updates state that they are currently submitting documents to the appropriate authority. As soon as the paperwork is finished, reservations will be made for the unit.

A Dream Township project in City Darbhanga at Prime Location-
"Change is the nature of all things" Everything in Darbhanga is evolving, or more accurately, developing. Speaking of the proposed site for VEENA VATIKA, it is simply wonderful and one of the best locations for this city of Darbhanga. Just picture your ideal home being close to a highway, airport, bus stop, and railway station.
Veena VatikaVeena Vatika Township

VEENA VATIKA a Dream Apartment - To make a modern eco-friendly society in City Darbhanga that's the motto of KKT Constructions. At present we don't see 55 flats in one apartment in Darbhanga, but VEENA VATIKA will be having more then 550 flats in one campus. Not only apartment, Builder is promising to build a beautiful society.  

We have exciting news about VEENA VATIKA, the coveted township project in Darbhnaga. KKT Constructions Pvt Ltd, the project's builder and owner, has won the PRIDE of Bihar award for this endeavor. Mr. Tarkishor Prasad, the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, presented the prize. Humans truly benefit from compliments, and we all enjoy receiving them. According to updates from the developer and a few other sources, VEENA VATIKA's Bhoomipujan Ceremony will be held as soon as they receive an RERA Number.

VEENA VATIKA a Dream Township Project Latest Update - 
According to the most recent information we have got from the team, they have already begun construction work after receiving RERA approval. 33 RERA-approved projects in total have so far received the go-ahead from RERA Bihar. One of the most recent projects to receive approval is Veena Vatika Township. Out of the 550+ flats, more than 100 have already been booked, and more people are visiting the website daily to reserve their ideal home.

Town Darbhanga is now City Darbhanga

You heard it right, Darbhanga is no more town it's become a City now. Let me first define it for you. I am just trying to relate this Darbhanga with a Human being in context of development. A town is a populated area with fixed boundaries and a local government. A city is a large or important town having various facilities for the people residing their. Reasons which are important for Darbhanga to be called City Darbhanga now are followings:-

Darbhanga Airport - 

One of the major reason we call it City Darbhanga, Now Darbhanga is just an hour away from all major city across India. Things are changing drastically just because Darbhanga Airport Service started from Darbhanga. 

Darbhanga AIIMS - 

AIIMS in Darbhanga pretty soon we are going to witness our Dream City Darbhanga with various facilities in various fields of life like Science, Technologies, Medicals and Engineering.

Darbhanga Planetarium - 

Planetarium in Darbhanga is under construction in Darbhanga Polytechnic Campus, Darbhanga. Almost 90% of the construction work is completed, we can expect that it will be started for public to visit in last days of year 2022. 

Darbhanga DMCH - 

Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital(DMCH) just an amazing place where doctors are raised to treat patients. One of the leading Government College and Hospitals in the state Bihar. It was established in the year 1946. Affiliated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University(AKU, Patna). It has enormous campus in  the city Darbhanga. 

Darbhanga Engineering College - Darbhanga College of Engineering(DCE) previously known as Jagannath Mishra Institute of Technology(JMIT), Darbhanga ranks in top 10 Engineering College in Bihar. The College Campus is at Mabbi (NH-57), P.O-Lal Shahpur,Via-P.T.C, Darbhanga-846005. Darbhanga College of Engineering (DCE Darbhanga) is a government owned engineering college in Bihar, India, inaugurated by Nitish Kumar(Chief Minister of Bihar) ESTD in 2008. To Read more about DCE

Darbhanga Polytechnic College -

Darbhanga Polytechnic College(DPC) is one of the top polytechnic in Bihar. It has got an enormous campus and college building with hostel.

Darbhanga WIT -

Women's Institute of Technology was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. It is the only second campus of such type, first one is in Bangalore. WIT Darbhanga is one of the prominent institute in India.

Darbhanga IT PARK - 

Second IT Park of the state is Darbhanga IT-Park and it is under construction now. Soon City Darbhanga will have a crowd of geeks roaming across the city as IT-Park become funtional.

Cab on Rent in City Darbhanga

Bihar is Developing, Why Don't You?

''A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots.''(अपने पिछले इतिहास, उत्पत्ति और संस्कृति के ज्ञान के बिना एक व्यक्ति जड़ों के बिना एक पेड़ की तरह है।)

State Bihar is Developing -

Once up on a time, Bihar and Bihari used to be a Joke across India. But today circumstances has been changed. Bihar is not like it used to be few decades ago. Bihari are not like before. There are several reasons for that, And one main reason is Development. In Bihar we have seen massive development is last few decades. So from our point of view we assume that Government are doing what they are supposed to do to transform Bihar as much as they can. It is a bit slow but development is everywhere. Criticizing government is not our duty. There is a group of people to control and watch the government if there is something wrong.

Change is the rule of nature. No doubt! Bihar and the Bihari are witnessing tremendous development across the state. Term Bihari is just an adjective and we should do something wherever we are, whatever we do, Do it to proud of it.

City Darbhanga is Developing -

In last few years, Darbhanga has emerged like never before. We have seen an exponential growth in all fields. Historical place Darbhanga deserve to be the most developed city. It took time, but now is the time for City Darbhanga to shine across the globe. From ancient time, Darbhanga has been very important in comparison to other city or kingdom, It has a beautiful Mithila Culture. Let's go back to our culture learn in details about our history and monuments. There are many things in Darbhanga to be proud of, we discuss about university of other state and town we admire them and their things but we don't have time to think and discuss about our own proud.  

Why don't You?

Just simple, Darbhanga is developing, Bihar is developing, Why don't you? Let me as this questions to all people of Bihar specially those who have very many excuses for everything. Please stop excusing, and focus on the beauty of being human. Focus on the beauty of your state, of your city. Spend some time in nature, in your society, learn as much as possible. Get involved, forget past, plan your future, set your goal. Get set ready and rock the world you belong to. No more excuse, no more blame, no more criticizing, no more laziness, no more sit back. 

Why don't you dream?
Why don't you desire?
Why don't you learn?
Why don't you serve?
Why don't you wish?
Why don't you plan?
Why don't you wish?
Why don't you have goal? All these whys can be answered from any moments. You don't need money for this. Only thing you need is a burning desire to do something for those you love and also for them who love you a lot. 

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