Risk to Grow

According to a Chinese proverb, the only thing to fear is being still. Dead is anything that isn't growing. Growing older depends on passing time, but maturing on your decisions. Nobody cares how many times you failed when you achieve at whatever you tried. 
  • Positive thinking 
  • Be upbeat 
  • Stay upbeat
Every healthy living thing expands. Growing things undergo change. A challenge comes with change, too. Negative remarks won't prevent plants from growing in dirty water, therefore don't let them hinder your development. To advance, take a risk. Your main issue is that you're not growing. Big risks must be taken in order to expand. To let go and evolve, you must constantly forgive and heal. Love is the fertiliser that makes people develop, therefore love everything and let others love you. Financial freedom is straightforward. Though it is simple, it is not simple: Stop making it complicated:
1. Make more money 
2. Spend less 
3. Invest the remaining funds
Maximize the top line Be bold and grow!

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