Tourist Places in Darbhanga

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The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page. City Darbhanga is developing in all aspects. And people visiting City Darbhanga also look for some places to hang out. In this article, we are going to list out the historical as well as modern places to visit in City Darbhanga. 

Tourist Places in Darbhanga - These locations in Darbhanga have been designated as must-see destinations by Bihar Tourism. Popular historical sites in City Darbhanga include Raj Kila, Shyama Mai Mandir, Bela Palace, Lameshwar Palace, Manokamana Mandir, and Ahilya Sthan.
Tourist Places in Darbhanga
Darbhanga Fort(दरभंगा किला) - Maharaja Kameshwar Singh was the king who established Darbhanga Fort in 20th Century.  Darbhanga Fort is also called Ram Bagh Fort, It is interesting to know that this fort is 9 feet higher then The Red Fort or Lal Qila of New Delhi. Darbhanga Fort is also called RAJ Qila. Total Length of Darbhanga Fort is 1.5KM and this campus is surrounded by walls made up of Red Bricks and spreads in about 85 acres of land. Perhaps! It was unfortunate that the construction of the fort was completed on three sides and the wall of the western part was being constructed that India got independence and after that construction of fort was stopped. If it would have been completed, we could see one of the finest fort in India. It is 'One of the city's iconic monuments, the Darbhanga Fort is worth visiting for its historical significance. Darbhanga Fort symbolizes the rich Mithila culture and its history.

Shyama Mai Mandir and Manokamna Mandir - Both temples are located on the LNMU campus in Darbhanga, which is only two kilometre from the city's new bus terminal or airport. a really lovely and serene area in the city. It's astonishing why both temples are so popular. Shyama Mai Mandir is allegedly located at crematorium Ghat. Similarly, it is also believed that if you make a wish in the Manokamna Mandir with all of your heart, it will come true. Your wish will be granted sooner or later with God's blessings.

Darbhanga Taramandal(Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum) - A focal point for educational initiatives, school visits, and community outreach initiatives is the Darbhanga Planetarium. It aims to stimulate students' and the public's scientific curiosity, advance astronomical research, and pique their interest in space sciences. It is advisable to check the Darbhanga Planetarium's opening hours, show times, and any special regulations or restrictions before your visit. The planetarium provides an exciting and interactive way to learn more about astronomy and to explore the wonders of the cosmos.

LNMU Campus - The Kameshwar Nagar neighborhood of Darbhanga, Bihar is home to the Lalit Narayan Mithila University (LNMU) campus. The vast campus is home to several different academic buildings, residence halls, and sporting venues. The Kalyani Bhawan (Nargauna Palace) and the Moti Mahal are only a couple of the historic structures that can be found on the grounds. 

KSDU Campus - Darbhanga, Bihar is home to Kameshwar Singh Darbhanga Sanskrit University (KSDU). The KSDSU campus can be found at Darbhanga's Kameshwar Nagar. The campus was named after Maharaja of Darbhanga Kameshwar Singh in 1962. The 1000-acre campus is home to several academic buildings, residential halls, and athletic facilities. The site contains several historic monuments, including the Darbhanga Raj Darbhanga Palace, which is now a museum. The KSDSU campus is a nice and peaceful place to learn. It is also a popular vacation destination, particularly in the spring and fall.

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