Learn to Earn

We all dream to earn more. To earn more, we must learn more. Everyone you meet has something to teach you. Keep learning from everyone everyday. The only person that can determine your progress is YOU. Basic mantra of human life is to Learn. Keep learning, Don't look at anyone else. It has always been about you. Whether you win or lose, looking back and learning from your experience is a beautiful part of life. There’s no failure always and every time we fail in something is a chance of learning. Keep learning new ways to provide value, and there will always be a spot for you. There is a saying - A wise person never knows all, only a fool knows everything. 

We always question our education system and the way we study in school or colleges, Indians should stop studying and start learning. The wisest way to make money is to learn, apply, earn then also monetize the process. Making money is easy – but devoting your time, effort, energy into something is hard. That's why if you want to earn more, you need to learn first for people to trust you with what you know. We need to not just learn how to earn but also how and where to spend. Spending is more important than earning. Second part is totally missing. We should always focus on that along with improving our learning and earning. 

If you want to earn sufficient for your life you are supposed to achieve financial freedom. And to achieve financial freedom here we have four important lessons we must learn to be financial free - 
1. Learn to earn income 
2. Learn to save income 
3. Learn to invest income 
4. Learn to leverage income
Keep in mind that achieving your job goals is a journey that calls for commitment, introspection, and constant improvement. You may build a profession that fits your objectives and aspirations by finding your passion, establishing clear goals, investing in learning and networking, accepting difficulties, getting feedback, and being persistent. So, take that initial step now to start on the road to a fruitful and successful career.

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