Every one has their own stories of childhood, one thing is quit common in our childhood. It was awesome, funny and just amazing. No matter what we did in our childhood, it was the family environment, society and the city or village which matter most. We have control over our family environment, we can choose the society where we can live but we can not develop a city alone. Here, we will discuss everything or anything a kid or child required or things they can get or available in the city Darbhanga for their purpose of care, medicine, entertainment and education- 

Hospital for Child in Darbhanga - List of new born baby an kids specialist hospitals in Darbhanga has been mentioned here -

1. IB Smriti Aarogya Sadan, Mishratola - Contact Number - 70331 33326

2. RB Memorial, Laheriasarai

3. Dr. Irshad Alam, Maulaganj

4. Navdeepak Children’s Hospital - Allalpatti Contact Number - 93348 18585

5. Darbhanga Children Hospital - Benta Chowk - Contact Number - 90971 83780

6. DMCH Pediatric Department - DMCH Campus

7. Kilkari Hospital and IVF Center, Allalpatti 

8. Dr Vivekanand Paul's Pediatric Clinic & Vaccination Centre - Allalpatti Contact Number - 79798 35755

Play Schools in Darbhanga - List of play schools in Darbhanga for kid is listed below -

1. First Word Play School, Near Dilli More Contact Number - 90317 12712

2. Bachpan Play School, Lalbag Contact Number - 70044 37389

3. Shemrock Kidsland, Kathalbari Contact Number - 98350 33335

4. Kids Heaven, Bengali Tola - Contact Number - 75495 25252

5. KIDZEE, Laheriasarai Contact Number - 91021 34378

Children Parks for kids in Darbhanga - 

Places to visit for kids in Darbhanga - 

Educational trip places for kids in Darbhanga - You can plan for 1 or 2 days visit for some of the popular places of Darbhanga, Children will love it. Places to watch in Darbhanga for kids are Shyama Maa Temple, LNMU University, Chandradhari Museum, Raj Kila, Planetarium cum museum etc.

Hostels for Kids or Children in Darbhanga - 

Schools for Children in Darbhanga - There are various schools for children in city Darbhanga, We have top schools like GD Goenka in Darbhanga apart from some top schools there are schools like DPS, DAV, Holly Mission, Jesus Merry, KV etc

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