AIIMS Darbhanga Live Updates

AIIMS Darbhanga June 2023 Live Updates - The AIIMS in Darbhanga cannot be constructed on the land(near Shobhan Chowk Bypass, Mouza-Balia, Thana No.-120/2 of Bahadurpur Circle) provided by the Bihar government, according to a letter from the Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare to that state's leadership. A hospital of this size cannot be built on the site, according to the letter, which is dated May 26, 2023. The land is not flat. Due of this, construction of the hospital would be challenging and drainage issues would arise. Waterbodies border the land on all sides. As a result, there may be a greater chance of flooding, which could harm the facility. The area where the land is located is seismically active. As a result, there is a chance for earthquakes, which could harm the hospital.
AIIMS Darbhanga May 2023 Live Updates - The rumors that AIIMS will not be built on the grounds of DMCH is finally confirmed. It would be built in the Darbhanga district near Shobhan Chowk Bypass, Mouza-Balia, Thana No.-120/2 of Bahadurpur Circle. A 300Cr tender for full earthwork on a 150-acre plot of land within six months has also been issued by Bihar Medical Services & Infrastructure Corporation Ltd (BMSICL), Patna. As a result, we can officially state that, assuming everything goes according to plan, the first phase of the construction of AIIMS Darbhanga will be finished this year.
AIIMS Darbhanga January 2023 Live Updates - Game is on! Anything is possible for politicians to do for their personal gain. There were a tons of updates and news stories about the AIIMS Darbhanga construction. Everything is now void and meaningless. Many locals now have misgivings about the AIIMS Darbhanga project. Despite the fact that we don't have any official updates, we do have the speech of the honorable Bihar chief minister here. “You already know that we wanted to convert DMCH into AIIMS. First they (Centre) had agreed. Later, they said they would instead build it separately,” Kumar told reporters in Darbhanga during his Samadhan Yatra. “The location has been identified,” the CM said, though he did not share details of the new site.

AIIMS Darbhanga Latest Update September 2022
Yesterday, finally Principal and Superintendent of DMCH has transferred the land 81 acre for Construction of AIIMS in Darbhanga to the Executive Director of AIIMS Darbhanga. Now main obstacle of land for the Construction of AIIMS has been cleared and DM Darbhanga as well as Principal Secretary Health Department has asked the officials to complete the earth work and boundary wall work soon. 

Update on 22nd August 2022
Once again, today will be the historical day for City Darbhanga. It is the day most awaited AIIMS Darbhanga work finally started today. Indeed, it's a Good Friday people of 24 districts who will get benefited from this 750 bed AIIMS, were waiting fro this day. As per official announcement by DMCH officials and BMSICL concerned officers, finally soil work started today on the land of the city where AIIMS Darbhanga is proposed to be built on.   

We have seen many machineries and JCBs are ready to start soil filling work in Khel Maidan near Karpuri Chowk, DMCH Darbhanga. There were lots of rumors regarding the construction of proposed AIIMS in the city but finally we can see the work started. It tool time but it got started today. 

AIIMS Darbhanga was announced by Central Government but there wasn't any updates about it. Here we are about to share all the details and updates about AIIMS DarbhangaMany leaders and social workers are quit active and they are just doing all possible things they can to start construction work of AIIMS Darbhanga. As per updates, there is some issue with the land acquisition for building the construction.

As per official statements, AIIMS construction has not yet been started due to land dispute. Central Government has raised an issue that once state government allocate land for the construction work, it shall start. Good news is that in month of December visit to Darbhanga by CM Nitish Kumar, said that they have allotted separate land for AIIMS and for DMCH. During this visit CM Kumar also discussed the design, presentation and all minute details of AIIMS in Darbhanga with concerned officials. Once the paper work gets completed, Construction work of AIIMS will start. 

AIIMS Darbhanga August 2022 Updates - On 22nd August 2022, DM Darbhanga called a meeting to get update on AIIMS Darbhanga. Couple of month ago work stated for AIIMS Darbhanga. In first phase, dressing of land and boundary walls will be constructed for AIIMS Darbhanga. A meeting was organized in the office room of District Magistrate Rajiv Roshan under his chairmanship with the Executive Director of AIIMS, Principal DMCH, Additional Collector Revenue and concerned officials regarding AIIMS. In the meeting, the status of vacating the inspection building of BSNL, Post Office, Bank, PHED water tank, Power Grid, Naka, Road Construction Department was reviewed. All the departments concerned gave information about vacating the premises. As it gets vacated the remaining work will be completed.

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