Sightseeing in Darbhanga

Sightseeing - "We have people in the world who don't drink or do drugs... Some of us like to go sightseeing." Well said quote on sightseeing. One of the best things to do if you ever feel lonely or dependent on harmful habits is sightseeing. People with bad habits always act badly when they are completely alone themselves. However, there is a 99% likelihood that those with poor habits who manage to go sightseeing won't relapse. Going on a sightseeing excursion has numerous advantages besides preventing addiction. You always get to enjoy it. When people are happy, they work more effectively. You can simply choose the tourist location based on your interests and hobbies.

Sightseeing in Darbhanga - City Darbhanga is expanding; it appears that all areas of development have been concentrating on its growth for some time. Many tourist attractions are being created here. Darbhanga has evolved into something more than merely the Bihar state's many older cities. Given the rate of growth of the city, it's likely that you'll need to visit it frequently in the future. If you ever get a chance to visit Darbhanga there are many beautiful monuments and things you must visit or plan for sightseeing.
Darbhanga Sightseeing
Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum(Darbhanga Taramandal)In Darbhanga, Bihar, India, there is a planetarium and science museum called the Darbhanga Planetarium, sometimes called Taramandal. After the Patna Planetarium, it was constructed in 2020 and is the second planetarium in Bihar. There are 300 seats in the planetarium's auditorium, which features a 23-meter (75-foot) dome. The variety of shows it delivers includes 2D and 3D program on astronomy, space travel, and other scientific subjects. A science museum featuring displays on astronomy, physics, chemistry, and biology is housed within the planetarium. Visitors have given the Darbhanga Planetarium favourable evaluations. They have given high marks for the calibre of the performances, the educational exhibits, and the welcoming staff. Families and school groups love to visit the planetarium because it's a terrific location to learn about science and astronomy.

Chandradhari Museum Darbhanga - Chandradhari Museum which was established by the state government in 1957, It is situated at Darbhanga in Bihar. It is situated at Gumti no.26, Station Rd, near by Museum, Darbhanga, Bihar 846004. The museum was shifted to the present double-storied building in 1974. The Museum with the help of the private collection of Chandradhari Singh, a zamindar of Madhubani. Earlier it was named Mithila Museum. It was later named after Babu Chandraheri Singh, the landlord of Ranti Dodhi of the main donor Madhubani district. It has been constructed from artifacts and heritage received from them.

Shyama Mai Temple - Very famous temple of Darbhanga-Heart of Mithila. It is one of the peaceful, beautiful and clean temple. The Shyama Mai Temple in Darbhanga is a well-known Hindu temple that can be found in the Indian state of Bihar's capital city of Darbhanga. It is dedicated to Shyama Mai, a Hindu deity who is seen as an incarnation of Durga. For the inhabitants of Darbhanga, the temple is of great religious and cultural significance, and it draws followers from all across Bihar and beyond. It is thought that Kameshwar Singh, the Maharaja of Darbhanga, ordered its construction sometime in the 16th century.

Darbhanga Fort - A fort higher then Laal Qila, One of the oldest monuments in Darbhanga. It is also called Raj Qila. The Darbhanga Fort, often referred to as the Raj Bhavan or Qila of Darbhanga, is an ancient fort that is situated in the Indian city of Darbhanga. It is one of the most important landmarks in the area and is very important both historically and culturally. Maharaja Rameshwar Singh, who ruled the Darbhanga domain at the time, erected the Darbhanga Fort in the 18th century. The royal family lived in the fort, which was also used for administrative functions.

Darbhanga Airport - Best thing about Darbhanga Airport is that you can get a better look of the Airplane landing and taking off from NH105. Not sure about see cutter, perhaps soon official will block the view of Airplane from NH105 side. But for now, it is one of the best sightseeing in Darbhanga. If you're crossing NH105 near Airport just hold for a moment and you'll get to see the plane flying on runway clearly.

Bela Palace - The Bela Palace is a historic palace in Darbhanga, Bihar, India. It is sometimes referred to as the Raj Bari or Bela Palace Estate. The Maharaja of Darbhanga, who ruled the area under the British Raj, lived there. Its beautiful architecture, which combines elements of Mughal, Rajput, and European traditions, has earned the Bela Palace international acclaim. The expansive royal complex is made up of numerous buildings, courtyards, gardens, and ponds. It exhibits complex carvings, elaborate sculptures, and lovely frescoes that capture the luxury and majesty of the past.

Manokamna Mandir - Devotees travel to the Manokamna Mandir because it is regarded as a sacred location where their hopes and dreams can be realised. The word "Manokamna" means "desire" or "wish," and it is said that praying at this temple can assist one in achieving their goals.

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