Darbhanga Planetarium - Taramandal Darbhanga

Darbhanga Taramandal(Planetarium) Latest Update - The Planetarium and Science Museum are now officially opened to the public on this day. The Darbhanga Planetarium and Science Museum have been fully discussed. Everything pertaining to the show's start time, ticket pricing, and ticket ordering has been made public by the management. There are now four daily 2D/3D shows available for online ticket purchases. In terms of design and technology, it is the top high-tech taramandal in India.

Darbhanga Planetarium - One of the contemporary planned planetariums in the northern city of Darbhanga, Bihar, is called Taramandal Darbhanga or the new planetarium-cum-science museum. It was proclaimed in Parliament many years ago. It is still under development, but once it is finished, I hope it will be open soon. According to plans, it was supposed to begin in December 2021. However, the pandemic Covid caused a delay. It ought to be prepared quickly if officials are to be believed. Under the direction of the US-based company Archinect, the Building Construction Department (BCD) is the executive and monitoring authority to finish construction of this planetarium.   

New planetarium-cum-science museum Darbhanga - Cost of construction of this planetarium cum museum is 164 Crore and it is being constructed in an area of 3 acres on the premises of Darbhanga Polytechnic College. We have news that the design has been prepared by US based architectural firm. This planetarium will be having capacity of 150 seats, and there is an auditorium with capacity of 300 seats. In terms of shape and design it is quit unique as it has three shapes like elliptical, spherical and dome.
Here is the blueprint of Darbhanga Planetarium-cum-science museum.
Darbhanga Planetarium
And here is the final Taramandal Darbhanga which is ready now and open for public too.
Darbhanga Taramandal
There is a report that the planetarium's premises would include a separate part for scientific research. If it does, Darbhanga, a city of people, will be able to marvel at the intricate workings of the cosmos. There are over 30 planetariums in India. The brand-new planetarium is more sophisticated and advanced than the Patna Planetarium that is already in use. The citizens of this community will have access to employment possibilities thanks to this cutting-edge and stunning planetarium.

If we look at the planetarium's building schedule, it was expected to be finished by June 2021 however it was not. A 6-month extension was granted with the expectation that it would be finished in December 2021, however this has since changed. The planetarium will be finished in the upcoming months.

Taramandal Darbhanga - It will be the ideal item to disperse for all age groups in Darbhanga, taking into account the location of the recently built Taramandal, the estimation, and the infrastructure. It will serve as a hub for all of Mithila and Seemanchal, not only Darbhanga. Construction is 100% complete; just finishing work remains, and we anticipate that it will open to the public in 2023.

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