Darbhanga Airport

Darbhanga Airport -
As remarkable as November 8, 2020, when the inaugural SPICEJET aircraft arrived and departed from Mithila, the holy region, is September 20, 2020. On September 20, 2020, SPICEJET, one of India's top airlines, began taking reservations for flights from City Darbhanga to Bangalore, Delhi, and Mumbai. Domestic airport and civil enclave of the Air Force Station in Darbhanga, Bihar, is known as Darbhanga Airport (DBR). As Darbhanga was a kingdom and had many well-known and affluent Monarchs for this empire before Independence, the airport has a rich history.
Darbhanga Airport
Darbhanga Airport Massive Development - 
From day first Darbhanga Airport has been one of the popular airport for north Bihar, It has broken many records and also set new records for UDAAN Scheme Airport. The Government of Bihar and Darbhanga Administration has also been quite supporting so far - 
  • At a cost of 21 lakhs, the district administration built a parking lot right in front of the airport by designating the government property there for transient parking.
  • The Government of Bihar to connect 105, 21-meter-long, two-lane R.C.C.s at a cost of 308.50 lakhs from the airport terminal to S.H. The Senior Project Engineer, Bridge Construction Company, Darbhanga completed the bridge's construction and turned it over to the Director, Airport, Darbhanga, where traffic is already flowing.
  • The Local Area Engineering Organization, Darbhanga-01, built a shelter for 56 lakhs in order to shield people from the heat and rain when crossing the aforementioned bridge.
  • The jawans assigned to the Bihar Special Armed Security Force, Darbhanga, are responsible for the protection of the airport and runway.
  • For fire safety, 20 jawans have been deputed from the fire department at the airport.
  • An ambulance with state-of-the-art facilities, doctors and para-medical personnel have been deputed at the airport for medical facilities.
  • The cost of the view cutter and runway fencing was 2.27 crores, and it was finished by the Government of Bihar through the Building Construction Department, Darbhanga.
  • Priority-based requests for the enlargement of the 0–2 kilometer route from Jayanagar in front of the airport have been made by the district administration to the Additional Chief Secretary, Road Building Department, Bihar.
  • In addition to this B.S.A.P., 1200–1600 square feet of government property close to the airport have been located and transferred for use as temporary accommodation for the anti–terrorist squad.
The airport has a single, 9,000-feet-long runway that can accommodate small to medium-sized aircraft. An attempt has been made in recent years to modernize the airport and make it fit for commercial use. The Bihar government has suggested that it be transformed into a complete airport with cutting-edge amenities to meet the expanding air traffic needs of the area. A new terminal building, navigational aids, and an extended runway to accommodate larger aircraft are all part of the development plans.

Darbhanga Airport Latest News -  
  • On February 28, 2023, the District Administration gave the Joint Secretary, Cabinet Secretariat Department, Bihar, Patna, 52.65 acres of land that had been purchased for the Civil Enclave. 
  • On the occasion of Dussehra, a new gateway has been opened at Darbhanga Airport. Previously, arriving guests had to walk roughly 300 meter, now, it just takes 70. Additionally, this new entrance features a shelter that shields visitors from the sun and the elements.

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