Grow to Risk

One of the biggest risks in life is not taking any risks at all. Regardless of what you do or where you are at the moment. You should take risks because growth requires them. The greater the risk, the greater the opportunity for growth and success.

Take the chance, or you won't get it. Risk is difficult. It's tougher to regret. It's preferable to take a chance and fail than to live with regrets over a missed opportunity. The majority of people never take a risk in their lives. Never be that person. Be sensible, take a measured risk, and develop. Retry it; you're old enough to take another chance now. Every time, choose risk over regret. By taking enormous measured risks, one can get big rewards. Playing it safe won't get you very far.
Find the talent,
Take chances or miss out.

Risking is preferable to regret. Sometimes in life, you have to put everything on the line for a dream that only you can see. Work hard for your dream and take the risk so that everyone can see what you have already seen.

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