The state of being awesome - Awesomehood - 
Awesomeness is a mental state in which you experience joy, self-assurance, and competence. You are doing something you are enthusiastic about and are surrounded by people who love and support you. You are optimistic about the future and feel as though you are changing the world.
Here are some of the things that can help you achieve the state of awesome:-
Spend time with people who make you happy- People that uplift and make you feel good about yourself should be in your immediate vicinity.
Do things that you are passionate about- When you are enjoying what you are doing, it is obvious. When you are engaged in a task that you are enthusiastic about, you are more likely to feel confident and pleased.
Set goals and work towards them- Setting objectives offers you something to work towards and makes you feel as though your life is progressing.
Be appreciative of what you have- Take time to be grateful for your blessings, no matter how minor they may appear.
Take care of yourself- Ensure that you are receiving adequate rest, eating a balanced diet, and exercising frequently. It will help you feel your best if you take good care of your physical and emotional health.
Help others- A excellent strategy to boost your self-esteem and change the world is by helping others.
Take risks- Don't be scared to experiment and leave your comfort zone.

Awesome Darbhanga - 
In the past, Darbhanga resembled any other Indian town. It is now an incredible city in India. Bihar, an Indian state, has the city of Darbhanga. It serves as both the district and divisional headquarters for Darbhanga. The city is renowned for having a vibrant past and present. Numerous educational institutions, like the Mithila University, call it home.
Here are some awesome activities you may enjoy in Darbhanga:- 
  • Take a trip to the Darbhanga Raj Fort - It is a fort from the 17th century that was constructed by the Darbhanga Raj dynasty. The fort is a stunning illustration of Mughal construction.
  • Visit the Mithila Museum - It is a museum that showcases Mithila art and culture. The museum houses a collection of textiles, paintings, and sculptures.
  • Visit the Kali Temple in Darbhanga - It is a Hindu temple where the goddess Kali is worshipped. The temple is a well-liked place of worship.
  • Explore the Darbhanga Botanical Garden on foot. There are many different kinds of plants and flowers in this lovely garden. The garden is a wonderful spot to unwind and get away from the city's bustle.
  • Take a trip to the Darbhanga Vidyapeeth - It is a renowned educational establishment that was established in 1917. There are several schools and colleges in the vidyapeeth.
  • Enjoy the regional food - There are several wonderful eateries in Darbhanga that provide Mithila food. Try the famous meal known as litti chokha, which is consisting of mashed potatoes, lentils, and spices.
  • Visit Darbhanga Planetarium to Explore your knowledge - Bihar's 2nd planetarium and it is one of the latest and advanced planetarium in the state Bihar. Get all details about Darbhanga Taramandal Here.

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