KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG QUIZ MARATHON

KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG MARATHON - 24 Hours QUIZ Marathon for all.

Darbhanga IT-Park Software Hub

Darbhanga IT-Park is under construction pretty soon, City Darbhanga will have latest IT-Park with laced with new tech.

IndiGo to start flights for Kolkata, Hyderabad from July 5

Great News for Darbhanga City, As Indigo has announced that Flight for Kolkata and Hyderabad will start from July 5th.

Darbhanga Airport Started Flight Service

Darbhanga Airport Flight Service started on November 8th, 2020.

VEENA VATIKA - A Dream Township in Darbhanga

Great news for all - Darbhanga's first Township Project - VEENA VATIKA started Booking.

View and Print Your Ration Card Online

One Nation One Ration Card(ONORC)

One Nation One Ration Card(ONORC) was launched in 2019, The Supreme Court has also given a direction with deadline - It is compulsory for all states and Union territories(UT) to implement ONORC so that the country could have a database of migrants workers and unorganized workers.  We are not here to emphasize or criticize any Government here. There might be many thing wrong but there are many marvelous thing in India to cherish and to be proud of like Aadhar Card, UPI Payment, One Nation One Tax, One Rank One Pension and also One Nation One Ration Card.

What is Ration Card?
Ration Card in not the new term or technology to be elaborated in details. We assume, we all already understand that Ration Card is a kind of government document or a document issued by government to the citizen to India so that they can get ration and some necessary items offered by government either free or at low cost.
Benefits of Ration Card
Ration Card has become more then merely a document for the ration by governments. It has become a proof of citizenship. Ration card can also be used for identify and address proof. If ONORC could be implemented across the country, Ration card will be more and more beneficial for the people of India. They will have facility to collect their ration from anywhere in the country as it is linked with Aadhar cards and biometrics enabled.
How to Apply for Ration Card?
Ration card is issued by state government. Citizen of state can apply for it offline as well as online. Almost all of the States and Union Territories(UT) now have have facilitated the process of Ration Card Application Online and it is recommended for all to use online portal during this COVID-19 pandemic. As per old system citizen of the states can apply for ration card in their states by visiting the CO/SDO office. 
Ration Card in Bihar
Earlier, citizen of Bihar had only one option to apply for Ration Card that was Offline. Recently Bihar Government has started the portal where people can apply for it online. Now citizen can apply new Ration Cards online, add members in ration card, remove member from exiting card and do all the modifications online. To apply new Ration card in Bihar Online use the this link. You must read the User Manual which available on the portal to proceed for apply or modification of ration card of Bihar.
View and Print Your Ration Card Online 
Nation One Ration Card is an initiative under National Food Security Act, (NFSA) 2013. Government of India has also developed a portal called National Food Security Portal under the Department of Food & Public Distribution. Using this portal any Indian citizen can access their ration card using the portal of their domicile state. Now people of India can easily view and print their Ration Card Online using the link mentioned below.
View/Print Ration Card of India - Click Here & Select State
View/Print Ration Card of Bihar - Click Here & Select District
View/Print Ration Card of District Darbhanga
Ration Card for Darbhanga Rural Area- Click Here & Select Block
Ration Card for Darbhanga Urban Area- Click Here & Select Town

Bihar Government Job - Assistant Public Sanitary & Waste Management Officer 286 Posts

BPSC - Bihar Public Service Commission has published today Important Notice, Advertisement, Syllabus and Instructions for Applying Online for the post of Assistant Public Sanitary & Waste Management Officer under Urban Development & Housing Dept., Govt. of Bihar. (Advt. No. 01/2022). Total number of posts will be 286 across the state Bihar. Any Indiana eligible candidates can apply for this post online.
Post - Assistant Public Sanitary & Waste Management Officer
Qualification Required - Graduate(B.Sc,Civil, B.Tech_Arch, Bio-Tech And More)
Department - Urban Development & Housing Dept.
Job Type - Govt Job
Last Date - 24.02.2022
Apply Mode - Online
Salary - Level-7 revised
Selection Process - 
Compulsory Paper - I Objectives_2 Hours_100 marks
Compulsory Paper - II Subjective_2 Hours_100 marks
To Apply Online - Click Here to Apply
To Know Exam Syllabus - See Syllabus 
To Know More - See Advertisement 

All the selection process will be conducted by BPSC, So it is a great opportunities for all the interested and eligible candidates to join the Bihar Government Job. Urban Development & Housing Dept. is one of the leading and developing department of developing state like Bihar. Candidates with to do attitudes and great passion for development of themselves along with the society must apply and try for this vacancy. 

Though all the details have been mentioned regarding this job vacancy after going through all the documents also if you have any doubts or query regarding thins vacancy interested candidates can contact the helpline number for further clarification. Helpline No.- 9297739013

Executive Sales Job Vacancy in Darbhanga

Executive Sales Job Vacancy in Darbhanga - Great opportunity for the people interested to work for agricultural filed. Interested candidates can apply on using the link mentioned in the port.
Company Name: Unified Farmers Producer Company Limited
Company Website - https://unifar.in/
About Company - Unified Farmers Producer Company Limited is newly registered company from Darbhanga Bihar.  
Job Title - Executive Sales
Organization Type - Private
Sector - Agriculture and Related
Functional Area - Marketing & Sales
Functional Role - Sales Executive
Job Description - 
Candidates should be able to handle and generate new distributor & retailer for UNIFAR Cattle Feed to achieve sales. Should have skills of retailing of Products Build awareness and ensure to use UNIFAR Cattle Feed with Farmers & Milk Collection Agents. Evaluation of Market Potential of Cattle Feed in the allocated area. Product/Price/Place/Promotion Analysis. Making marketing strategy to increase the Market Share of UNIFAR Cattle Feed Any other Job assigned by the Management.

Total Experience (in years) - 0 - 5
Job Location -
Kansi (part in Darbhanga)
Key Skills Required - 
Cattle, Agents, farmers, retailing, awareness, distributor, retailer, marketing
Nature of job - Full Time
Salary ₹ - 7000 - 20000
Salary/Wage Type - Monthly
Gender Preferences  -  Any
Ex-Servicemen preferred - No
Number of Openings - 1 or more
To know more and apply online -  Click Here

Get Rid of Bad Habits in 2022

The New Year passes quickly! And it always will be. Your modest effort can help this new year be a happy one. We consider our objective to be successful if just one individual in City Darbhanga is able to break just one bad habit by putting the actions listed below into practice. While we don't dispute that it will undoubtedly assist you in quitting your bad habits, it will undoubtedly increase your motivation to do so.
To get rid of Bad Habits -
Nothing is more challenging than really working on yourself trying to break bad habits you picked up, trying to forgive, trying to change your thought process, working on your attitude just being honest with yourself about things you need to work on within yourself. If anyone sticks around & gives you time to work on your bad habits, that’s more than love.
Get rid of Bad Habbits
Chewing Tabacco
Paan Masala with Tabacco 

It is a universal truth that an addiction never develops overnight. So, giving up an addiction takes the same amount of time. The amount of time needed for a habit to develop into an addiction or for an addiction to be overcome is the same for both processes. It is a waste of time to try to break harmful habits in a short amount of time, such as a few days or weeks. The very best case scenario is that it won't.

Focus on the Trigger
There is a saying in Hindi "पीने वाले को पीने का बहाना चाहिए". And it is absolutely true. Always there is a trigger and sort of moment when your hunger to have or get in touch with the habit you're addicted to. If you could avoid such moment or trigger, you can get over your addiction. Not only for bad habit there is trigger for good habits as well This is what we call it a trigger, there is a trigger for all the bad or good habit. To get rid of bad habit and to make good habit use the trigger.

Suppose, You want to quit smoking or porn addiction. And you mostly do that when you're alone. So main trigger for this addiction is your loneliness. Just try avoiding loneliness you'll be fine, thus not instantly but after some efforts and with time you can get over it.

Also Focus on why do want to get rid of bad habits-
Every time you want to make a new change in your life or habits, the why is the most crucial factor. Make a compelling case for why you want to alter your habit. This is the key motivator.

Replace Habits-
If you have been long-term addicted to a bad habit, it can be very tough to break the habit at first. In that situation, consider substituting a new, useful habit for your undesirable habit. You'll enjoy it, and it's a proven fact that people repeat things they enjoy or find satisfying.

Start Small, Make habit to get rid of bad habit -
You cannot have a baby born before nine months since everything has its own season. Like everything else in our world, both good and bad things take time. All wounds heal with time. Simply have faith in yourself. Consider all of your poor and excellent habits each night before you go to bed. Start simple and do it every day. Simply ask yourself: "Did you do anything to get rid of your bad habit and bring in your good habit?"

Darbhanga Update Version 2.022

Darbhanga Update Version 2.022

Don't get confused and if you want to know what we are discussing here just check out "Settings" in your smartphone then look for "About Phone" or just Software Updates. You'll get to see something like this, Suppose LiveDarbhanga is the maker of some product(City Darbhanga), the various versions of the City Darbhanga.

Last Update

Last successful update

01 January 2022 at 12:00

What's New

Find out what's included in this City Darbhanga update 

  • Airport
  • Planetarium
  • IT-Park
A software update can include, but is not limited to:

-Better City Life
-Feel Safe in City
-Ease of Business
-Ease of Education
-Ease of Learning
-Ease of Earning

To get the best from your device, please keep visiting this portal www.livedarbhanga.com and check for all latest articles. 

Learn more at:

Software update information
Version: 2.022
Size: 3,83,328(Population of City Darbhanga)
Security patch level 1 January 2022

We Must Invest in Mutual Funds in 2022

First of all let's understand the definition of Mutual Funds- It is a fund or a company that pools money from many investors and invests the money in securities such as stocks, bonds and short-term debt. In simple word we can say that Mutual Fund is basically a fund which is managed by some experienced professional(called Fund Manager), And based upon the experience and knowledge we people give our money to the Fund Manager and Fund Managers are the one who invests our money to bring back our money safety with good returns.  
Learning is Earning - 
As soon as we start earning the very first thing which comes in our brain is about investment or we just look for ways to keep our money safe and to get maximum profit. Actually, Share Market is the one of the best thing but very risky as well, in the world to earn money without some hard work. Mutual Funds are one of the safest investment if you understand it. 

Learn Investment from Legends - This world is full of legends and they have been successful in their fields. So  it is very important to learn lessons from them. And not to repeat the mistakes what they did.  

We Must Help People in 2022

Humanity is the main reason we're not robot or alien. It has been proved scientifically in research that all acts of giving back to the society boosts your happiness, health, and sense of well-being. Today world have changed a lot or we can say we have developed a lot. We must not forget we're human and we should have humanity we should help human to prove that we're human.

Helping Friends and Family -  
Friends and Family are the most important part of our lives. Whatever we are today is cause of them and their support only. Indeed, they supported us, now it's our turn to support them and help them. Here is the few things what you can at least to do help your friends and family.   
Listen - 
Don't Judge - 
Spend some time - 
Go for lunch or dinner - 
Plan some trip occasionally - 
Be in regular touch with them - 

Benefits of Helping Others
Feels Good - 
Brings Happiness - 
Helping others can help you live longer - 

How to Help Others in 2022
Ask, How You Do You? - 
Offer Kindness - 
Donate for a Cause - 
Donate Unused Items and Items not required -
Be compassionate and Be Polite - 
Help Elders - 
Smile and Say Thank You - 

We Must Learn Skills in 2022

“Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn.” – Benjamin Franklin. Very nicely said and it is 100% true. Best way of learning is to get involve in what you want to learn. Learning and Skills matter a lot. More you learn there is a chance of your development. Earning is also proportional to learning.

“One hour per day of study in your chosen field is all it takes. One hour per day of study will put you at the top of your field within three years. Within five years you’ll be a national authority. In seven years, you can be one of the best people in the world at what you do.” – Earl Nightingale

In this article, we are trying to discuss some rare but most important skills we must learn in 2022. 

1. Investment
2. Fitness
3. Communication
4. Personality
5. Analysis
6. Fundamentals
7. Innovations
8. Learning Technology

Only thing which is free and available for all human being. No matter, from where you belong, what your qualification and what is your background. These things have nothing to do with if any person anytime anywhere want to learn any skills.                                

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