KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG QUIZ MARATHON

KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG MARATHON - 24 Hours QUIZ Marathon for all.

Darbhanga IT-Park Software Hub

Darbhanga IT-Park is under construction pretty soon, City Darbhanga will have latest IT-Park with laced with new tech.

IndiGo to start flights for Kolkata, Hyderabad from July 5

Great News for Darbhanga City, As Indigo has announced that Flight for Kolkata and Hyderabad will start from July 5th.

Darbhanga Airport Started Flight Service

Darbhanga Airport Flight Service started on November 8th, 2020.

VEENA VATIKA - A Dream Township in Darbhanga

Great news for all - Darbhanga's first Township Project - VEENA VATIKA started Booking.

BIHAR ODOP - One District One Product - An Opportunity

One District One Product - ODOP
In order to achieve a district's genuine potential, encourage economic growth, create jobs and rural entrepreneurship, and increase our self-sufficiency, the central government has implemented One District One Product (ODOP) in all of the States and UTs of the nation. is a crucial step in the direction of The Central Government later adopted it after the Government of Uttar Pradesh launched it in January 2018 and it was successful.
One District One Product
One District One Product of State Bihar - 
The One District One Product (ODOP) program was introduced in Bihar in 2019 with the goal of highlighting the distinctive indigenous handicrafts, textiles, and agricultural products of each district. Based on the resources, experience, and cultural history of the several districts of Bihar, the state government has identified 29 items. Products that have been identified in Bihar as part of the ODOP programme include:
Bhagalpur: Hand Block Print, Bhagalpuri Silk, Manjusha Painting
Banka: Banka Silk 
Bhojpur: Applique, Bhojpur Painting
Buxar: Hand Embroidery
Darbhanga: Terracotta, Madhubani Painting
Gaya: Stone, Wood 
Gopalganj: Handloom 
Jamui: Crochet Goods 
Kaimur: Carpet 
Katihar: Jute
Khagaria: Bamboo
Kishanganj: Kheta Embroidery
Madhepura: Bamboo
Madhubani: Madhubani Painting, Sikki Painting, Khadi
Muzaffarpur: Sujni, Lac Bangle
Nalanda: Bawan Booti 
Nawada: Handloom
Patna: Brass, Tikuli 
Purnia: Bamboo 
Samastipur: Bamboo 
Sitamarhi: Applique, Sikki 
Supaul: Lac Bangle 
Vaishali: Sujni

Bihar ODOP and Business Opportunity - 
Small businesses and entrepreneurs have a fantastic chance to capitalize on the local market's potential and carve out a place for themselves through the ODOP program. Entrepreneurs may set themselves apart from their rivals and build a devoted consumer base by choosing a distinctive product from their area and building a brand around it. For instance, handicrafts and handlooms are the dominant industries in certain districts, whereas agriculture and food processing are the key businesses in others. Entrepreneurs can investigate a number of options, including opening a retail location, establishing an online store, or even exporting these goods to other markets.

Entrepreneurs must do in-depth market research, pinpoint their product's unique selling propositions, and build a solid brand image if they are to seize this opportunity. To ensure consumer happiness and loyalty, they should also emphasize quality and reliability. Overall, the ODOP program offers significant opportunities for business owners to take advantage of their local market's potential and build long-term livelihoods while promoting the economic development of their region and the nation.

Online Booking for Veena Vatika Township, Darbhanga

We buy home only once or twice in our whole life where we can live with our love ones. In rest of the cases we do investments. Our very first advise to you do not trust us or anyone in this world. Don't book it, Just visit the site, feel it, verify it then discuss it with all your near and dear ones. Golden Advise for you all - Verify RERA before buying any home from any builder across India. 

Veena Vatika Township Project, Darbhanga RERA Approved

One of the goals of all real estate projects and builders is to receive a certificate from the Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA). The developer KKT Constructions Pvt. Ltd. is celebrating today because they have obtained an RERA Registration Number for their cherished project Veena Vatika. The project is the sole township development in Darbhanga. The government gave the go-ahead for the development of VEENA VATIKA, a very unique Township Project in the city of Darbhanga that had been meticulously planned and thought out in terms of the future.

RERA stands for Real Estate Regulatory Authority came into existence as per the Real Estate (Regulation and Development) Act, 2016 which aims to protect the home purchasers. RERA is for consumers it not only promise to deliver what builders sells but  also boosts the real estate investments. Real Estate Regulatory Authority, stands for transparency in the real estate industry. It was brought to action to eradicate the existing discrepancies and problems within the sector. RERA acts for regulation and promotion of the real estate sector and to ensure sale of plot, apartment or building, as the case may be, or sale of real estate project, in an efficient and transparent manner and to protect the interest of consumers in the real estate sector. RERA is a state govt as well as central govt promises for publics as it ensures the execution of builder's promises regarding real estate projects. 

Veena Vatika RERA Approval 
Darbhanga is one of the Bihar cities that is expanding the fastest. For the development of this metropolis, the Bihar government has several plans and programs. Numerous projects have been launched to provide modern infrastructure and facilities in Darbhanga. At the same time, the opulent Veena Vatika township project by KKT Constructions Pvt Ltd was introduced close to the city centre. To closely inspect the image, enlarge it.

Bihar Floods: A Natural Disaster or a Man-Made Problem?

Bihar Floods - 
It's unfortunate, because Bihar is India's most flood-prone state. Almost 85% of the land in the state is under agriculture. During the monsoon season, Bihar experiences considerable rainfall from June through October. Bihar has been dealing with flooding for a long time. It accounts for over half of India's yearly flood losses. Floods occur in the basin (in North Bihar) as a result of Nepal's heavy rainfall, which elevates the water levels in these rivers, which are often congested. This article will investigate the origins and repercussions of the Bihar floods, offering insight on the interaction of natural and human elements that contribute to this current problem.

Natural Factors - Bihar's(specially northern part) nature and location on the Gangetic plain make it particularly vulnerable to floods. The state is crisscrossed by various rivers, including the Ganges, Gandak, Kosi, and Sone, which drain a wide catchment area. During the monsoon season, significant rainfall in the region causes a spike in river water levels, overflowing existing river systems and creating extensive flooding. The huge floodplains of Bihar worsen the situation by functioning as natural basins that absorb surplus water, resulting in protracted floods.
Man-Made Factors - While natural forces play a crucial part in Bihar floods, man-made elements contribute to the disaster's intensity and impact. Natural drainage systems have been interrupted by deforestation, river bank encroachment, and uncontrolled urbanization. Flooding is exacerbated further by rampant sand mining along riverbeds and the construction of dams and barrages without sufficient planning. Because of these human activities, the river's carrying capacity has been diminished, resulting in increasing floods.

Factors that contribute to flooding in Bihar - The reasons of the floods in Bihar are complicated and multifaceted. Flooding in Bihar is caused by a variety of sources, including-
  • Heavy rainfall in Bihar
  • Geography of Bihar
  • Deforestation in Bihar
  • Bihar's Poor Infrastructure
  • Inadequate Disaster Management of Bihar
Bihar Flood Solutions - 
The floods in Bihar are a complicated issue with no simple answers. However, there are a number of things that may be done to lessen the state's danger of flooding. These are some examples:

  • Improving infrastructure: To defend against flooding, the state must invest in improved roads, bridges, and embankments.
  • Reforestation: To absorb precipitation and avoid flooding, the state must plant more trees.
  • Better disaster management: The state's disaster management system has to be improved by training more staff and obtaining more resources.
  • Changing agricultural practices: To lessen the risk of floods, the state must modify agricultural practices. Farmers, for example, should avoid growing crops in low-lying locations prone to floods.
The Bihar floods are clearly a result of both natural and man-made forces. While the region's geological susceptibility to floods is inescapable, human actions like as deforestation, encroachment, and poor infrastructure aggravate the disaster's intensity and effect. A comprehensive solution is necessary to solve this issue, which includes afforestation projects, stronger encroachment rules, improved flood control infrastructure, and greater disaster preparedness measures. Only by working together will Bihar be able to lessen the consequences of floods, safeguard its residents, and develop a more resilient future.

Veena Vatika Township Bhoomi Poojan, Darbhanga BIG DISCOUNT on SPECIAL Day

 On 6th of July, People of City Darbhanga will celebrate their very first VEENA VATIKA - आँगन मिथिला का township project's foundation stone ceremony. Foundation stone will be laid by KKT Constructions to build their modern, luxurious  and affordable township planning in the city. To get free brochure and to know more  Book Online or leave you contacts so that our representative could reach you. Veena Vatika is the RERA Approved project in Darbhanga, here is the list of all 33 RERA Approved projects in Darbhanga

VEENA VATIKA - आँगन मिथिला का Township Bhoomi Poojan -  On the site of Veena Vatika, a very momentous day is 6th July 2022. On this day Bhoomi poojan of Darbhanga's one of the biggest, largest and beautiful VEENA VATIKA township project will be done on 11PM. And after that a heartiest reception for all the lovely people of Darbhanga. All you people of Darbhanga having the chance to see the future of tomorrow's Darbhanga. Don't miss this special occasion. 

BIG DISCOUNT on SPECIAL Day - On momentous day of Bhoomi Poojan KKT Constructions Pvt Ltd has announced a very SPECAIL Offer for you all. Don't miss the chance and grab this offer to bless your child a happy home. Society is something that precedes the individual. Man cannot live alone. And it is also very important to grow in a society where traditions and cultures matter the most. It is a great chance to be the part of this awesome society. Visit the function and grab this opportunity to get discount up to 8 lacs. On this special day, you have a chance to book your flat at the cost of 11000/- only. 

No need to worry if you miss the offer of Bhoomi Poojan, There are many festival offers and seasonal offers yet to be announced for the buyers. Follow us on social media to get all updates and offers from Veena Vatika. 

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