KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG QUIZ MARATHON

KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG MARATHON - 24 Hours QUIZ Marathon for all.

Darbhanga IT-Park Software Hub

Darbhanga IT-Park is under construction pretty soon, City Darbhanga will have latest IT-Park with laced with new tech.

IndiGo to start flights for Kolkata, Hyderabad from July 5

Great News for Darbhanga City, As Indigo has announced that Flight for Kolkata and Hyderabad will start from July 5th.

Darbhanga Airport Started Flight Service

Darbhanga Airport Flight Service started on November 8th, 2020.

VEENA VATIKA - A Dream Township in Darbhanga

Great news for all - Darbhanga's first Township Project - VEENA VATIKA started Booking.

Learn to Earn Dream: How to Build the Career You've Always Wanted

Learn to Earn
It's possible to create the profession of your dreams in a world full of chances. Your willingness to learn, develop, and take concrete efforts towards your goals will make all the difference. Here are some useful tips and techniques to help you build the career you've always wanted, whether you're just starting out or looking to change careers.
Learn to Earn Dream 
Do you possess a dream position? a line of work that you're passionate about and can see yourself continuing to do? If so, you are not by yourself. Many people aspire to have a rewarding career that they enjoy. But the reality is that achieving your job goals requires commitment and hard effort. It takes time for it to take effect. But if you're willing to work hard, it is doable.
Discover Your Passion and Purpose - Self-discovery is the first step towards building any satisfying job. Spend some time considering your passions, values, and interests. Asking yourself what actually inspires and makes you happy will help. Consider your abilities and qualities as well as the pursuits that cause you to get engrossed in the present moment. You can discover your areas of strength and great satisfaction by going on this introspective trip.
Set Clear Goals - Having identified your passion and purpose, it's critical to establish clear, detailed goals. Divide them up into smaller, more manageable goals that can be measured and accomplished. Your objectives should be attainable while still being difficult enough to take you outside of your comfort zone. To keep motivated and focused on your job path, write them down and check back in on them frequently.
Invest in Continuous Learning -  Learning has evolved into a lifetime activity in the quickly changing employment economy of today. Adopt a lifelong learning philosophy and actively seek out chances to expand your knowledge and skill set. Benefit from industry events, workshops, online courses, and professional development programs. Keep abreast of the most recent developments in your industry's trends and technology, and constantly look for opportunities to broaden your knowledge.
Network and Build Relationships - The power of networking can help you advance your career. By attending networking events, conferences, and online communities like LinkedIn, you can establish connections with professionals in your industry. Find mentors who can help you along your career path by offering advice and assistance. Talk about important topics, solicit advice, and, if you can, lend a hand. Gaining access to new prospects and beneficial connections can be made by developing a strong professional network.
Embrace Challenges and Take Calculated Risks - Leaving your comfort zone is frequently necessary if you want to build the profession of your dreams. Accept obstacles as chances for development and education. Be prepared to accept calculated risks, such as going after a new career or opening your own business. Recognize that failure is a part of the path and that each setback can teach you something important that will help you go forward. You'll be able to adjust and get through challenges if you adopt a growth mentality.
Seek Feedback and Learn from Experience - Feedback is an effective tool for both professional and personal growth. Ask for input from your mentors, peers, and bosses on a regular basis. Be receptive to criticism that can be used to help you get better at what you do. Consider your past experiences—both successful and unsuccessful—and draw lessons from them. As you go along, keep improving your methods and making adjustments to your plans.
Persistence and Resilience - A good career requires time and effort to develop. It's critical to maintain your tenacity and fortitude, particularly through trying times. Recognize that obstacles and refusals are a normal part of the process. Take advantage of them to reevaluate your objectives, hone your tactics, and continue on your path. Develop a resilient mindset so that you can recover from setbacks and stick to your long-term goals.
For developing the profession you've always desired and learning how to earn- 
Be open to gaining new knowledge - Since the workplace is always evolving, it's critical to be open to picking up new skills and adjusting to emerging technologies. 
Be adaptable - Since plans don't always work out, it's crucial to be adaptable and flexible. Be prepared to veer off course if necessary. 
Be positive -  A optimistic outlook can help you succeed in your work. Even when things are difficult, keep your outlook upbeat and your goals in mind.

Aurangabad-Amas Darbhanga-Madhunbani Expressway

Central Government has officially announced to be build Amas-Darbhanga Expressway and it has been named to NHD 119, National Highway Connecting North and South Bihar. It will be the first expressway starting from Amas, Aurangabad to end on NH27 near newly developed Darbhanga Airport. If all goes well, it'll be ready to be used by the year 2024. 

Amas- Darbhanga expressway

Total Length of expressway would be 189, it is estimated to cost 4825 Crore which will be completed in 4 different phases having different cost of construction like first phase-1073Cr, Second phase-1066Cr, Third phase-1150Cr and 1534Cr for the last phase. 

  • First Phase - Amas to Shivrampur - 55Km, Cost - 1073Cr
  • Second Phase - Shivrampur to Ramnagar - 54Km, Cost - 1066Cr
  • Third Phase - Ramnagar to Paal Dashara - 45Km, Cost - 1150Cr
  • Fourth Phase -  Paal to Bela Nawada - 44Km, Cost - 1534Cr

Summary of NHD 119:-

Length:- 189 kms
Configuration: 4-lane access controlled greenfield highway
ROW: 60 m
Design Speed: 100 km/hr
Starting Point:- Amas, AurangabadEnd Point:- Bela Nawada, DarbhangaCurrent Status: - Land Acquisition and in the process of acquiring Environmental Clearance.

Once up on a time, there wasn't any expressway in the state Bihar. But now we can see there are three expressway in a row to be built in Bihar as per proposal of RCD-Road Construction Department. Here is the current status of all three Expressway of Bihar. 

  • Amas-Darbhanga 189km Land acquisition in final stage
  • Raxaul-Kolkata 639km Awaiting CCEA clearance at the Centre
  • Buxar-Bhagalpur 350km Proposal submitted for initial nod from MoRTH

Darbhanga College of Engineering, Darbhanga

About DCE:- Darbhanga College of Engineering(DCE) previously known as Jagannath Mishra Institute of Technology(JMIT), Darbhanga ranks in top 10 Engineering College in Bihar. The College Campus is at Mabbi (NH-57), P.O-Lal Shahpur,Via-P.T.C, Darbhanga-846005. Darbhanga College of Engineering (DCE Darbhanga) is a government owned engineering college in Bihar, India, inaugurated by Nitish Kumar(chief minister of Bihar) ESTD in 2008. It is affiliated with the Aryabhata Knowledge University, Patna.

Admission in Darbhanga College of Engineering:- To get enrolled for four years B.Tech. course, students have to go through Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination (BCECE) conducted by Bihar Combined Entrance Competitive Examination Board. So it is advised to appear in Screening & Main Examination of BCECE.

Affiliation of DCE, Darbhanga:- The Institute is academically governed by Aryabhatta Knowlege University, Patna which is the degree awarding authority for the institute as B.Tech. and is recognized by the All India Council for Technical Education (AICTE), New Delhi, and the Government of Bihar State.

Administration and Management:- Darbhanga College of Engineering(DCE) is a full-fledged Government Institution in the Department of Science & Technology, Govt. of Bihar and is bound to function as such.

Training and Placement:- DCE, Darbhanga with its glorious past, has been rendering yeoman service to the nation and engineering fraternity by channelizing the youthful talent from Bihar and elsewhere and producing brilliant engineers.

Facilities in DCE Darbhanga:- Apart from well education, training and placements students get many facilities like Startup Cell, Computer Centre, Central Library, Bank, Club, Wifi, Hostels, Guest House, Medical Facilities, Sport facilities and many more in DCE Campus Darbhanga.  

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