Darbhanga Breaking News

Darbhanga Breaking News

Darbhanga Breaking News Today, 28th June, 2023
On June 28, the BSDC of Keoti block a Job Camp will been organized by Chaitanya India Fin Credit Pvt.Ltd from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM.

Darbhanga Breaking News Today, 26th June, 2023
On June 27, at the SDC of Bahedi block. On June 28, the BSDC of Keoti block. In and on June 30, SDC of Ghanshyampur block. Job Camp will been organized by Chaitanya India Fin Credit Pvt.Ltd from 11:00 AM to 03:00 PM.

Darbhanga Breaking News Today, 22nd June, 2023
Water sports have begun at Darbhanga's Digghi Pond. The pond has been transformed into a water sports Centre, with a range of activities available such as boating, kayaking, and water skiing.

Darbhanga Breaking News Today, 17th June, 2023
All government, private, and madrasa educational activities have been put on hold until June 24, 2023 due to the extreme heat as per DM order.

Darbhanga Breaking News Today, 10th June, 2023
Darbhanga Taramandal(Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum) has been opened for public from 10th June 2023. Everyday except Monday there will be four show daily, as per demand of 3D show only one 2D show is being played and there are three 3D show daily. Tickets can be booked online here - https://dstbihar.softelsolutions.in/ 

Darbhanga Breaking News Today, 21th January, 2023
In Ramnagar ITI on January 23 (Monday) there will be a one-day job-career guidance fair. More then 2500 candidates will be selected. More and more candidates will be benefited for employment through the Niyojan Mela. To participate in this fair, it will be mandatory for the candidates to bring their bio-data along with their educational certificates, photographs, registration card of the employer and other certificates. Entry to this planned job fair is free. It is said that the department is only in the role of a facilitator and the employer himself is responsible for the conditions of the employment. Participating Company are 
Maruti Suzuki India Ltd., 
Vision India, 2coms consulting (exide), 
Pipal Tree Ventures Pvt. Ltd., 
Credit Access Grameen ltd., 
L&T Construction Skills Training Institute, 
G4S India, Neo Banking, 
Nav Bharat Fertilizer, 

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 13th January, 2023
Special presentation for the media in the planetarium in Darbhanga - On the 13th of January 2023, from 12:00 noon to 12:45 pm, a special show was presented to all journalists in the planetarium as according to the direction of District Magistrate Shri Rajeev Roshan of Darbhanga.

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 12th January, 2023
Today, Bihar Chief Minister Nitish Kumar opened the most modern and magnificent Planetarium and Science Museum in Darbhanga. It was a historic day for the city of Darbhanga.

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 3rd January, 2023
As per update from CMO, Government of Bihar Letter number 01 dated 03-01-2023 Honorable CM Mr. Nitish Kumar will visit development status across Bihar under "Samadhan Yatra". As per schedule, CM will be visiting Darbhanga on 12th January and he will inaugurate Taramandal cum Science Museum.

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 24th November, 2022
In the office of the District Magistrate, Darbhanga, under the chairmanship of District Magistrate Rajeev Roshan, a meeting was organized with the senior officials of the Railways on the proposal of the Government of India to make the Darbhanga Railway Station World Class at a cost of 300 crores.

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 22nd November, 2022
Workshop organized on solar light and cleanliness campaign, solar light will be installed in 4 wards of each panchayat, solar light and waste management necessary for environmental balance.

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 17th October, 2022
A notice has been published for all - Apart from the vehicles of the working officers and personnel, no other vehicle was kept from entering the Darbhanga Collectorate premises. Vehicle stopping place built on the exterior of the stadium for the general public. All Officers/Employees of the Darbhanga Collectorate will keep the identity card with them.

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 17th October, 2022
As announced om 10th October by District Admin Darbhanga, Remaining 24 acres land has been successfully made available to Darbhanga Airport for night landing facility.

Darbahnga Breaking News Today, 10th October, 2022
Today, Darbhanga airport got 07 acres of land transferred by the district administration soon Darbhanga airport will get 24 acres of land. Darbhanga Administration transferred 7 acres land to Darbhanga Airport.

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Darbhanga Breaking News

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