Darbhanga Real Estate

No doubt! Real Estate has been rated top in the list by many agencies and research as the best investment ahead of gold, stocks, mutual funds, savings accounts/CDs/FDs and bonds. As we know everything in our city is developing like never before so does real estate. Real Estate Industry is spreading everywhere in all directions of this city. We must accept the fact, It is real estate which changes the lifestyle of people and make any city more popular and beautiful. 

Real Estate and RERA - Darbhanga  being one of the developing district of state Bihar, its real estate stuffs are being regulated by Bihar's RERA. Every state of India now has the special authority to govern real estate. The Bihar Real Estate (Regulation & Development) Rules 2017 (Including Agreement for Sale Rules) was notified by the Government of Bihar on April 28th, 2017. The RERA of Bihar will provide the platform for Registration of the Real Estate Projects with Promoter details and the Real Estate Agents. As of now(July 2022) total number of projects registered under The Real Estate Regulatory Authority of Bihar is 1431.

Darbhanga Real Estate - Unique and amazing things are coming to City Darbhanga which we the people of Darbhanga would have never though about it. Look at Darbhanga, It has got AIIMS, AIRPORT, EXPRESSWAY, IT PARK, Planetarium  cum museum and many more. We have news that Hotel Hyatt and top hospital service provider Medanta is also coming to Darbhanga. 
Darbhanga Real Estate is definitely going to be next big thing or big industry with rapid development. City is developing rapidly hence everything is changing so far real estate business was limited to the buy and sell of land. Now things are changing, real estate market size has changed and people are now buying flats in apartments and townships in city Darbhanga. Out of 1431 RERA approved projects, 33 Projects are in Darbhanga. Basically there are 33 projects on whom people of Darbhanga can trust while they plan to buy home or invest in real estate in Darbhanga.

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