Darbhanga Administrations

Under the British Rule, Darbhanga was a part of Sarkar Tirhut up to 1875. It is a one of the developing city and Municipal Corporation in the Indian state of Bihar.  


General Administration             Judicial Administration

General Administration
The District Magistrate and Collector is in-charge of the civil, revenue and criminal administration of the district. He is also the chief pilot of all development and welfare activities in the district Darbhanga.

It is the 5th largest city of Bihar and also known as the Cultural Capital Of Bihar. Growth rate of this city fastest among all the cities of Bihar. As this city is developing it is being a challenge for Darbhanga Administration to maintain the law and orders  in the city. 

Darbhanga Administrations is consists of some District Level Officers and Police Officers. We know Administration of any district managed and maintained by DM(also called Collector). But all the law and order is maintained and managed by the group of police is lead by the captain called SP. 

City Darbhanga - Town Darbhanga first attained the status of a city (Population 1 lakh and above) in 1961. Darbhanga is the seat of the maharaja of Darbhanga. Laheriasarai a place where divisional and city administrations are managed by govt of Bihar. It is a  only city in state Bihar which has got a beautiful present and future as well as a great historical past.  

Darbhanga NIC - All the notices, news and information about Darbhanga Administrations are published on the official portal of Darbhanga which is maintained and updated by the team of technical professional at NIC, Darbhanga. 

Judicial Administration
As the word judicial come in front of us we start imagining the images of court and judges. It is true the Judicial Administration is maintained and enforced by various court. As per the constitution of India the Indian judicial system is an arm of the All India Services. Hierarchy of courts are as follows
  • Supreme Court
  • High Courts,
  • District Courts
  • Some other courts are mostly considered as subsidiaries of these courts
For city like Darbhanga, District Court is enough and right now all the judicial work of administration is managed by District Court Darbhanga, Laheriasarai. It is one of the monitoring unit for the government and local administrations. The judicial system is managed and administrated by officers of judicial service and advocates of laws. 
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