KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG QUIZ MARATHON

KBC 2023 Registration via PLAY ALONG MARATHON - 24 Hours QUIZ Marathon for all.

Darbhanga IT-Park Software Hub

Darbhanga IT-Park is under construction pretty soon, City Darbhanga will have latest IT-Park with laced with new tech.

IndiGo to start flights for Kolkata, Hyderabad from July 5

Great News for Darbhanga City, As Indigo has announced that Flight for Kolkata and Hyderabad will start from July 5th.

Darbhanga Airport Started Flight Service

Darbhanga Airport Flight Service started on November 8th, 2020.

VEENA VATIKA - A Dream Township in Darbhanga

Great news for all - Darbhanga's first Township Project - VEENA VATIKA started Booking.

The Challenges and Opportunities Facing Darbhanga

The article will look at the problems and possibilities that Darbhanga will face in the next years. We would go through the city's economic development, infrastructural enhancement, and environmental preservation goals. It would be unfair to debate the city's future without first examining its past and present. Darbhanga is first mentioned in the Ramayana, where it is claimed to have been the capital of the Videha dynasty. Darbhanga's history is lengthy and complicated, but it is also rich and fascinating. So, let's talk about Darbhanga's history.

Darbhanga's Future

Here are some of the most important events in the past of Darbhanga -

  • 6th century BCE - The city is mentioned in the Ramayana. 
  • 12th century - Darbhanga is ruled by the Pala dynasty. 
  • 15th century - Darbhanga is ruled by the Sena dynasty. 
  • 16th century - Darbhanga is ruled by the Mughals. 
  • 1765 - Darbhanga is ruled by the British. 
  • 1886 -  Darbhanga Sanskrit University is founded. 
  • 1910 - Darbhanga Raj Lakshmi Narayan Temple is built. 
  • 1947 - India gains independence from Britain. 
  • 1972 - Darbhanga becomes a divisional headquarters.
Darbhanga is a historical and culturally rich city. It is also an important trade, economic, and educational centre in Bihar. However, the city is plagued by a multitude of issues, including poverty, pollution, and crime. Poverty is one of the most serious issues confronting Darbhanga. According to the 2011 census, 32% of the city's population is impoverished. As a result, they are unable to satisfy their basic necessities for food, housing, clothes, and healthcare.

Darbhanga also has a significant crime problem. The city has a high crime rate, and inhabitants frequently report feeling unsafe. This is a significant impediment to investment and economic progress. Despite these obstacles, Darbhanga offers several chances. The city is strategically positioned and has an excellent transit network. This makes it a desirable location for businesses and investors. Darbhanga's population is likewise youthful and increasing. This means that the city has a huge pool of potential workers, which may be a significant benefit.

Darbhanga must invest in education, healthcare, and infrastructure to solve its issues. It must also address the problems of pollution and criminality. If the city can accomplish these goals, it will be well-positioned to capitalize on its chances and reach its full potential. Here are some concrete recommendations for how Darbhanga might handle its problems - 
  • Poverty - The city may invest in education and healthcare to assist people in escaping poverty. It can also offer microloans to folks who want to build their own enterprises. 
  • Pollution -  The city can enact environmental laws and invest in pollution-control measures. It can help raise public awareness about the value of environmental conservation. 
  • Crime prevention - The city can increase the number of police officers on the street and engage in crime prevention programs. It can also help to enhance relationships between police and the community. 
  • Infrastructure - The city can invest in roads, bridges, and other infrastructure projects. This will make it easier for businesses to operate in the city and for tourists to visit. 
  • Education - The city can invest in education at all levels. This will help to create a more skilled workforce and attract businesses to the city. 
  • Culture and major tourist destination- The city can promote its rich cultural heritage. This will attract tourists and help to boost the local economy.
Darbhanga may become a more wealthy and livable city for its citizens by solving these issues. It may also attract firms and investors, resulting in economic prosperity.

The Future of Darbhanga - 
Darbhanga's future seems promising. The city has a rich history and culture, and it is strategically located to become a significant economic centre in Bihar. Here are some of the specific initiatives in Darbhanga that are now happening or planned to help influence its future -
  • AIIMS Darbhanga - Getting some delay but we hope it will be complteted in Darbhanga.
  • Amas-Darbhanga Expressway - This 230-kilometer expressway will connect Darbhanga to Aurangabad, Gaya, and Patna. It is expected to be completed in 2024. 
  • Darbhanga Airport - The airport is being expanded and upgraded to handle more flights. It is expected to be operational in 2023. 
  • Darbhanga Medical College - A new big medical college is being built in Darbhanga. It is expected to be completed in 2025. 
  • Darbhanga IT Park - A new IT Park complex is being built in Darbhanga. It is expected to be completed in 2024. 
  • Veena Vartika Township - Such a huge and modern luxurious township is under construction.
  • Other development projects - A number of other development projects are also underway in Darbhanga, including the construction of new roads, bridges, and schools.

The Best Places to Visit in Darbhanga

Darbhanga, located in the Mithila area of Bihar, is a city rich in culture, history, and scenic beauty. It has a rich history that is celebrated via exciting festivals, stunning architectural wonders, and age-old temples. Despite being less well-known among tourists, Darbhanga has a lot to offer those looking for a unique Indian experience. The top attractions in Darbhanga, each displaying a different aspect of this intriguing city, will be discussed in this article. In the northern region of Bihar sits the lovely city of Darbhanga. It is renowned for both its historical significance and rich cultural legacy. The fifth-largest city in Bihar, it is renowned for its illustrious past and vibrant present. Darbhanga has a variety of attractions, however a few of the more well-liked ones are as follows - 
Places to visit in Darbhanga
Ahilya Sthan - The mythology of India is fundamentally based on this location. It is devoted to Ahilya, the husband of Gautam Rishi, and is situated in the Ahilya Gramme of Darbhanga. You may see the temple where Ahilya was turned to stone when you are there. Rishi Gautam supposedly cursed his wife and turned her to stone. But once Lord Rama stood on the stone, it is thought that she returned to her normal self. This temple is devoted to the Hindu mythological figure Ahalya. The temple, which is a well-liked pilgrimage place, is situated in Darbhanga's Ahiyari South neighborhood.

Shyama Kali Temple - One of the most revered religious sites in Darbhanga is the Shyama Kali Temple, which honours the goddess Kali. The Darbhanga royal family erected the temple in 1933, and it is situated in a lovely area.

Chandradhari Museum - The Chandradhari Museum is housed in the Darbhanga Fort and features a variety of local artefacts. The museum is a fantastic resource for learning about the history, culture, and art of Darbhanga. Explore the Chandradhari Museum, which is located in the canter of Darbhanga, to learn more about the history of the area. The museum has a broad variety of artefacts that give insight into the illustrious history of the Mithila area, including antique sculptures, coins, manuscripts, and ceramics. For those interested in history and the rich cultural legacy of Bihar, this museum is a great place to visit.

Darbhanga Fort - One of the most remarkable forts in Bihar is the Darbhanga Fort, which was constructed in the 16th century by the Darbhanga royal dynasty. The fort is encircled by beautiful vegetation and is situated on the banks of the Mahananda River. 

Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary - The Kusheshwar Asthan Bird Sanctuary, a serene hideaway situated on the banks of the Kosi River, is a haven for nature enthusiasts. The sanctuary, which is surrounded by lush vegetation and is home to a wide variety of avian species, including migrating birds, provides chances for birding. It's a great place to unwind and practice photography away from the hustle and bustle of the city. Pelicans, herons, and ducks are among the migratory species that call this refuge home. The Darbhanga district's bird sanctuary is a well-liked location for birding.

Nargauna Palace - A visit to Nargauna Palace, an architectural marvel that captures the splendor of the former Darbhanga Raj, would enthrall history buffs. This lavish castle, which was constructed in the Indo-Saracenic style, is home to exquisite artwork, elaborate sculptures, and expansive gardens. The palace complex also includes a museum that showcases a varied collection of artefacts from many eras and provides an insight into royal life.

Villages of Darbhanga - Darbhanga's neighboring villages are renowned for their stunning architecture and traditional handicrafts. Among the many villages in the Darbhanga area, there are only a handful villages you would love to visit and their sweet local language 'Maithili'. Each community has a distinct past, present, and attractions. I hope you have the chance to visit some of these communities and get a taste of Darbhanga's vibrant culture.

Darbhanga Planetarrium cum Muesum -  The second planetarium/science museum in Bihar, also known as Taramandal, is located in Darbhanga. It was constructed in Darbhanga, in the Indian state of Bihar, near the Kadirabad Polytechnic Ground. The planetarium's first phase's construction cost $92.8 crore and covered 21,000 square meters of space. 2018's building spending was allocated a total of 164 crore rupees. By December 2022, the initial phase was finished. As well as inaugurated by Nitish Kumar, the honorable chief minister of Bihar. Now, it is preferable for everyone to learn about the cosmos and enjoy themselves in Darbhanga.

Chief Secretary, Bihar held a meeting regarding Teacher Appointment Exam

Meeting regarding BPSC TRE Exam -  Under the direction of the Chief Secretary, Mr. Aamir Subahni, the BPSC Chairman, Mr. Atul Prasad, the Additional Chief Secretary for the Home Department, Mr. B.K. Rajender, the Additional Director General Special Secretary for the Home, Mrs. Anupam, all of the district magistrates, the senior superintendent of police, and the superintendent of police were invited to a meeting yesterday. The competitive examination will be held on August 24, 25, 26, and 27, 2023, according to BPSC Chairman Mr. Atul Prasad. The test will last two hours, although applicants will be allowed access to the examination centre two and a half hours before the test starts.
Key Points of meeting regarding Teacher Appointment Exam - Despite the fact that there has been much discussion over how to conduct the next BPSC TRE Exam in a clean, uncontroversial, peaceful and efficient manner.  . The following are the important points from the meetings -
  • The question paper will be sent in a digitally locked box.
  • Jammers will be installed at all examination centers, surveillance cameras will be arranged.
  • Admit card can be downloaded 10 days in advance.
  • The name of the examination center will not be there on the admit card
  • Frisking of male candidates will be done by male police.
  • Frisking of female candidates will be done by female police.
  • Only regular teachers/college teachers will be appointed as invigilators in the examination.
  • The wall clock in working condition in all the examination halls.
  • Examination center will be allotted through randomization
  • The District Magistrate and Senior Superintendent of Police will himself visit the examination centers.
  • District Magistrates are requested to provide the list of examination centers before July 20.
Preparation by BPSC to conduct BPSC TRE 2023 Exam - All District Magistrates have been asked to furnish a list of examination sites by July 20. The Chief Secretary stated during the meeting that this examination is quite sensitive. All District Magistrates and Senior Superintendents of Police/Superintendents of Police are responsible for conducting the examination in a clean, uncontroversial, peaceful, and efficient way.

Last Date to Apply for BPSC TRE 2023 - To begin with, the deadline to apply for BPSC TRE was July 12, 2023, however owing to a technical glitch, the deadline was extended to July 15, 2023, and then again to July 19, 2023. As a result, today is the last day to apply for the BPSC TRE Exam.

Admit Cards for BPSC TRE Exam - The admit card can be downloaded 10 days in advance, which was done due to the server's overload. The name of the examination center will not appear on the admission card; instead, there will be a code; two days before the examination date, the name of the examination center associated with that code will be revealed.

The recent release of the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) exam question paper has generated a big commotion in the state. The disclosure has also harmed the BPSC's credibility. The commission is in charge of administering fair and transparent tests, and the leak has thrown the commission's capacity to do so into doubt. The BPSC is going to hold the test for School Teachers. This time, the BPSC has taken things extremely seriously and is working on a variety of things that may be done to avoid future question paper leaks.

Sahara India Refund Portal - How to register on the portal and file a claim

Sahara India Refund Portal - Central Registrar - Sahara Refund Portal (For refund of money to the depositors of Sahara Group Cooperative Societies) - Millions of Bihar residents and people from other states would certainly benefit much from this platform. Many lakhs of Bihar's destitute people put their confidence in the Sahara Group and placed their hard-earned money in hopes of making some money. The Sahara Refund Portal is a valuable resource for depositors who are seeking a refund. Today marks the debut of the CRCS-Sahara Refund Portal by the Union Government. On July 18, Amit Shah, the Union Minister of Housing and Cooperation, unveiled a website dedicated to reimbursing the roughly four crore first-time investors in four cooperative societies affiliated with the Sahara group of enterprises. The process of returning the people whose money was stuck in Sahara's co-operative societies for many years has been started.

Sahara Refund Portal
Sahara India Refund Portal Line - https://mocrefund.crcs.gov.in/
How to Register on the Sahara Refund Portal and File a Claim - The Indian government created a website called the Sahara Refund Portal to assist depositors who had money invested in Sahara Group scams. Depositors can register their claims on the site and follow the status of their returns. The depositor's Aadhaar must be connected to their bank accounts, mobile phones, and mobile devices in order to submit the claim. They will also need to supply receipt information. HM Amit Shah also mentioned that depositors would need to download a form, complete it, and then upload it again on the portal in order for the refund to be processed further.
  • Visit the Sahara Refund Portal website. 
  • Click on the "Register" button. 
  • Enter your personal details, such as your name, email address, and contact number. 
  • Enter your Sahara Group scheme details, such as the scheme name, scheme number, and investment amount. 
  • Upload a copy of your identity proof and proof of investment. 
  • Click on the "Submit" button.
Your claim will be examined by the Sahara Refund Portal, which will then let you know the results. If your claim is granted, you will get the agreed-upon return. The amount will be deposited in your Aadhar linked bank account within 45 days. 

Tips for registering on the Sahara Refund Portal and filing a claim - 
  • Before you begin the registration procedure, make sure you have all of your personal and Sahara Group plan information.
  • Verify that the copies of your identity evidence and investment proof you provide are clear and readable.
  • Before submitting your claim, thoroughly review it. 
  • For your records, save a copy of your registration and claim information.
Sahara Group Refund Portal Procedure - Within 30 days of the applicant's submission, the Sahara Group of Co-operative Societies will verify the application. Within 15 days, or 45 days from the day the online claim was submitted, the decision will be made known to the claimant through SMS or the portal. This portal has been developed by four cooperative societies, namely Sahara Credit Cooperative Society Ltd., Saharayan Universal Multipurpose Society Ltd., Hamara India Credit Cooperative Society Ltd. and Stars Multipurpose Cooperative Society Ltd. has been done to present the valid claims of the bona fide depositors of The portal is user friendly, efficient and transparent and the entire process is digital.

Only claims lodged online through the portal will be entertained. There is no fee for submitting a claim. Contact the customer service department by phone or email if you have any queries regarding the Sahara Refund Portal.
Sahara India Refund Portal Customer Care Toll Free Number - 1800 103 6891/1800 103 6893 

Rajgir Malmas Mela - A Spiritual Oasis in the Heart of Bihar

Rajgir Malmas Mela - Rajgir, a city in the Indian state of Bihar, hosts one of the country's most prominent spiritual events, the Malmas Mela. The mela, which occurs every year in the month of Malmas (August-September), brings people from all across India together to celebrate their religion and connect with the almighty. The Malmas Mela is a festival of devotion, meditation, and introspection. Pilgrims bathe in the Son River's hallowed waters, visit Rajgir's many temples and monasteries, and participate in religious discussions and activities. The mela also serves as a forum for cultural exchange, with pilgrims from all across India sharing their traditions and customs.

Malmas Mela

Here are some of the activities available during the Malmas Mela-

  • Bathe in the Son River's hallowed waters.
  • Visit Rajgir's numerous temples and monasteries.
  • Attend religious talks and seminars.
  • Discover various religion traditions and rituals.
  • Take advantage of the cultural performances and festivals.
  • Make new friends from all around India.
  • Experience the mela's one-of-a-kind atmosphere.
Here are some pointers if you intend to attend the Malmas Mela - 
  • Book your accommodations in advance, since the mela may fill up quickly. 
  • Pack light clothing because the weather in Rajgir during the month of Malmas can be hot and humid. To protect yourself from the sun, bring sunscreen, a hat, and sunglasses. 
  • Wear comfy shoes because you will be walking a lot. 
  • Bring a camera to record your mela moments.
Here are some interesting facts regarding the Rajgir Malmas Mela - 
  • The Rajgir Hills, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, host the mela. 
  • The Bihar Tourism Department organises the mela. 
  • Every year, millions of people attend the mela, which is a significant tourist destination. 
  • The mela is an excellent place to learn about Hindu culture and traditions. 
  • The mela is a time for joy and rejuvenation.
Rajgir Malmas Mela 2023 - Rajgir Malmas Mela 2023 will take place from July 18 to August 16. This is a Hindu fair conducted every three years. This mela is held in honour of Vishnu ji, who is both worshipped and honoured. The mela is hosted in Bihar, and thousands of people attend. The mela is an event when food is offered as well as sangeet and dance.

Official Website for Rajgir Malmas Mela - https://www.malmasmela.in/
Rajgir Malmas Mela 2023 Helpline Number - 70332 61112
Rajgir Malmas Mela 2023 Room Booking -

The Malmas Mela is a major tourism attraction in addition to its spiritual value. Visitors flock to Rajgir to enjoy the mela's distinctive atmosphere as well as to see the city's various historical and archaeological monuments. The Malmas Mela is a genuinely one-of-a-kind and exceptional event. It is a moment for pilgrims to gather to celebrate their religion, connect with the divine, and enjoy Rajgir's beauty. If you are searching for a spiritual experience that you will never forget, the Malmas Mela is a must-see. The Malmas Mela is a really unique event that will leave you with unforgettable memories. If you are searching for a spiritual and cultural experience, the Malmas Mela is an excellent choice.

Mukhyamantri Nishchay Swayam Sahayata Bhata Yojana (MNSSBY)

Mukhyamantri Nishchay Swayam Sahayata Bhatta Yojana(MNSBY) is an initiative started by the Bihar government in 2016 with the goal of offering job possibilities to the state's unemployed youth. The state government offers an allowance of Rs 1000 per month to jobless youngsters aged 20 to 25 under this initiative. The allowance is granted for a period of two years. Under one of the state government's seven plans, "Economic solution for the youth," the Mukhyamantri Nishchay Swayam Sahayata Bhatta Yojana has been implemented to offer aid to jobless youth in quest of jobs. A provision has been created in this program to provide stipend at the rate of 1000 per month for two years to all registered candidates who are eligible.

Website to Apply for MNSSBY - https://www.7nishchay-yuvaupmission.bihar.gov.in/

How to Apply for MNSSBY - All qualified applicants can apply for this scheme online using the above-mentioned portal. All applicants for the Mukhyamantri Nishchay Swayam Sahayata Bhata Yojana (MNSSBY) must come to the District Registration and Counselling Centre (DRCC) within 60 days after submitting their online application with the required documentation for verification on any working day between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm. All qualified applicants can apply for this scheme online using the above-mentioned portal. All applicants for the MNSSBY must come to the District Registration and Counselling Centre (DRCC) within 60 days after submitting their online application with the required documentation for verification on any working day between 10:00 am and 5:00 pm.

Documents Required for MNSSBY - To take advantage of the scheme's benefits, the individual must apply online. The application form is accessible on the state government's website. The candidate must upload all needed papers after completing the application form. Among the documents are: 
  • Aadhaar Card of the Applicant
  • Address Proof(Residence Certificate)
  • 10th class mark sheet
  • 12th class mark sheet
  • Ration card
  • Passport size photo
  • Mobile number
  • Bank passbook
Eligibility Criteria for MNSSBY - To become a beneficiary of the scheme, a candidate must fulfill the following eligibility criteria:
  • The age of the candidate should be between 20 to 25 years.
  • The candidate must be a permanent resident of Bihar.
  • Candidate must be 12th Passed.
  • The candidate should not be employed in any government or non-government organization.
After completing the application form and attaching the required papers, the candidate must print the form and submit it to the registration and counselling center in his or her area. Every month, a Rs 1000 allowance will be sent straight into the bank accounts of scheme recipients. The allowance is granted for a period of two years. Mukhyamantri Nishchay Self Help Allowance Scheme is a significant scheme that gives work chances to the state's unemployed youngsters. This strategy helps the state's youngsters become self-sufficient while also strengthening the state's economy.

Two-Day Mega Job Fair: Chance to Land Your Dream Job

Two-Day Mega Job Fair - On July 14 and 15, from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m., a two-day planning-cum-guidance expo to be held in ITI Digha, Patna. Candidates with qualifications in the state's technical and non-technical sectors can apply to work in the private sector. Your chance to snag your ideal job is at a two-day mammoth job fair. With hundreds of firms anticipated to attend and thousands of job seekers, this is an excellent opportunity to network with potential employers and learn about available openings.

Job Fair Patna

Two-Day Mega Job Fair Registration Timing - 8th Jul 2023 12:00 PM to 13th Jul 2023 9:00 AM

Job Fair ID- CMP-16212-P0X2H1

Job Fair Name- JOB FAIR SREE PATNA at Bihar, Patna from 14th Jul'23 to 15th Jul'23

Organized By- Career Center, Patna, Bihar


Two-Day Mega Job Fair Start Date/Time -14th Jul 2023 9:00 AM

Two-Day Mega Job Fair End Date/Time - 15th Jul 2023 4:00 PM

Participating Companies in Two-Day Mega Job Fair - Various companies of Retail, Healthcare, Banking and Insurance, Computer related Jobs, Accounting, Technical and Commercial, Automobile, Delivery Services, Hospitality, Sales & Marketing, Spinning, Manufacturing, Security Services will be participating in this Two-Day Mega Job Fair.

Expected Salary for Various Posts - ₹10000/- से ₹35000/-

Total Vacancies for Various Posts - 2500

Two-Day Mega Job Fair Registration Online - All aspirants can register themselves by submitting their basic details to the Google link attached here which has been shared by Sub-Regional Employment Exchange(SREE), Patna. Interested applicants are encouraged to enlist by completing the appropriate form so that they may be linked with the firm based on their qualifications and expertise. - Two-Day Mega Job Fair Registration

Bihar Govt Job - Recruitment of 910 ITI Trade Instructors

Bihar Technical Service Commission(BTSC) has published important Notice for Filling Online Application Under the Advertisement No :- 07/2023 to 36/2023 for The Post of ITI Trade Instructor(Various Post). Notice of appointment to different Trade Instructor positions at Industrial Training Institutes. Visit the Commission's website at www.btsc.bih.nic.in for further information about the advertisement and filling out an online application.

Official Notice by BTSC - The online application to hire ITI Trade Instructors was planned to begin in May 2023, however due to a technical glitch, the Recruitment Online Application has begun today. Read the Notice for ITI Trade Instructors in Bihar Online Application.
Job for ITI Bihar
Important Dates for ITI Trade Instructors Recruitment - 
Starting date for Application - 04th July 2023
Last date for online submission - 03rd August 2023
Salary for ITI Trade Instructors -
Pay Scale - 9300- 34800, Grade Pay - 4200 Pay Level - 6
ITI Trade Instructors Online Application Fee - 
For UR/OBC/EBC - 600/-
For SC/ST - 150/-
For Female(Belong to Bihar) - 150/-
For Female(Out of Bihar) - 600/-

How to Apply for  ITI Trade Instructors - 
  • To obtain the User ID and Password, the candidate must first register. 
  • The User ID and Password will be sent to the candidate's registered email address or mobile phone number. 
  • Overseas applicants will get their User ID and Password by email at their registered email address.
  • Candidates can complete the Government Form application form by logging in with their User ID and Password. 
  • Candidates must submit accurate information such as their full name, date of birth, phone number, and email address, as these details cannot be modified after the registration is complete.
Selection Process for  ITI Trade Instructors - 
Fist Phase - A Written Test 
A 100 MCQs will be asked carrying 100 marks and there will be two hours for this exam. Candidates who passes this exam will be given a chance for second phase where merit list of candidates will be prepared. Candidates does not obtain the cut off marks will be disqualified for further process. Candidates will have to appear for Computer Based Test.  
Question Pattern for  ITI Trade Instructors - 
100 MCQs questions will consists of 80 questions from their sectors and 20 questions will of General Studies. There will be negative marking for each wrong answers. 
To Apply Online for ITI Instructors - 
BTSC has published all the details regarding recruitment of 910 ITI Instructors(various posts) across Bihar at one place. You can Visit the Online Portal and get all the details regarding Advertisement and Online Application for ITI Trade Instructors here
Contact in case of Technical Issue - 
Helpdesk Email ID - helpdeskbtsc@gmail.com 
Helpline Contact No - 79963 46111 

Jio Bharat V2: A 4G Feature Cheapest Phone for Everyone

Cheapest 4G Feature Phone from Jio - 
The latest 4G feature phone from Reliance Jio, India's top telecom provider, is called the Jio Bharat V2. The phone costs 999 (about $13) and comes in three different shades: black, blue, and red. For those seeking a cheap 4G phone with a large battery, the Jio Bharat V2 is a fantastic choice. The phone's 1000mAh battery has a maximum talk time of 24 hours and a maximum standby period of 10 days. The phone includes a lamp and an FM radio as well. The Jio Bharat V2 is a fantastic choice if you're searching for a 4G phone that's both inexpensive and packed with features. The phone is offered online and at all Jio retail locations.

Jio Bharat
Jio Bharat V2 Phone Specification - 
A 1.77-inch QVGA TFT display, a 0.3MP rear camera, and a 0.3MP front camera are all features of the Jio Bharat V2. With 4GB of internal storage and a 1.3GHz quad-core CPU, it has 512MB of RAM. A microSD card may boost the phone's capacity up to 128GB. Voice over LTE (VoLTE) is supported by the Jio Bharat V2 on the Jio 4G network, allowing for crystal-clear voice conversations. Additionally, it offers 4G data rates for quicker streaming and surfing. JioTV, JioCinema, JioMusic, and JioNews are just a few of the pre-loaded applications that are included with the phone.

Key features of the Jio Bharat V2 -
  • 4G VoLTE support
  • 1.77-inch QVGA TFT display
  • 0.3MP rear camera
  • 0.3MP front-facing camera
  • 1.3GHz quad-core processor
  • 512MB of RAM
  • 4GB of internal storage
  • Expandable storage up to 128GB via microSD card
  • Pre-loaded Jio apps
  • 1000mAh battery
  • FM radio
  • Torch
The Jio Bharat V2 is a great option for - 
  • People who are looking for an affordable 4G phone
  • People who are looking for a basic phone with a long battery life
  • People who are looking for a phone with pre-loaded Jio apps
  • People who are looking for a phone with an FM radio and a torch
It's a cost-effective, robust phone with excellent sound, a wide range of functions, and customizable colors. Enjoy crystal-clear HD audio calls on your JioBharat phone. Easily accept and send UPI payments. The phone supports 23 Indian Languages.

Invitation for 1st Anniversary of Veena Vatika Darbhanga

Veena Vatika - Aangan Mithila Ka -
A housing community called Veena Vatika Township is situated in Basdeopur, Darbhanga, Bihar. It is a KKT Constructions project that has been registered under RERA. There are 528 apartments in the complex, which spans 6 acres. There are 2 and 3 BHK options for the flats. In December 2025, the project is anticipated to be finished. 

Veena Vatika 1st Anniversary Celebration -
Do join the celebration as we expect there will be huge discount on booking of flats on 6th July 2023. The family of loving Veena Vatika cordially invites the residents of Darbhanga and the surrounding area to the celebration of their successful and joyous first anniversary. The Veena Vatika Family is hoped to contribute to the celebration with your distinguished presence.
Veena Vatika Darbhanga
Amenities offered by Veena Vatika Township -
There are more than 70 facilities available in Veena Vatika. Veena Vatika provides several amenities and services that improve the entire living experience. Residents may enjoy beautiful green landscaping, well-equipped fitness centers, dedicated children's play spaces, and peaceful strolling pathways. The project also has 24-hour security, power backup, and adequate parking spots, guaranteeing that all inhabitants live in a safe and convenient setting.
  • Swimming Pool 
  • Clubhouse 
  • GYM
  • Children's Play Area
  • 24x7 Security 
  • Power Backup 
  • Rainwater Harvesting 
  • Landscaped Gardens
Location - Veena Vatika is situated in the fast growing neighborhood of Basdeopur in Darbhanga. With the help of roads and public transit, the municipality is well connected to other areas of the city. The Darbhanga Airport and Darbhanga Railway Station are also nearby.
Amenities - Veena Vatika has a variety of amenities, such as a pool, a clubhouse, a gym, a library, a children's play area, and beautiful gardens. In addition, the township has backup electricity and 24-hour security.
Sustainability - Veena Vatika was created with sustainability in mind. The township employs energy-efficient appliances and includes rainwater collection systems. Additionally, a green belt around the area contributes to better air quality.
Developer - KKT Constructions, a respectable and well-known constructor in Bihar, is the company responsible for Veena Vatika. The business has a solid history of executing projects on schedule and on budget. Veena Vatika apartments are rather inexpensively priced. This makes it a wonderful choice for anyone seeking a large, opulent house in a desirable area.

Veena Vatika Township - Best thing in Darbhanga - 
Veena Vatika is the most expensive thing in Darbhanga when building costs are taken into account. Let's speak about beauty, calm, and greenness in addition to cost. The Ministry of Environment, Forestry, and Climate Change has granted the project its environmental clearance. Living at Veena Vatika is a lovely and tranquil experience. It features a range of amenities and is surrounded by vegetation, making it a fantastic spot to raise a family or just unwind and enjoy life.

Veena Vatika's Sawan Offer -
These offers are available for two-bedroom apartments, and three-bedroom apartments in Veena Vatika Township Darbhanga. So, whether you're planning to move alone, with a partner, or with a family, you'll be able to choose the ideal flat for your needs. Individuals and families may now purchase their dream flats in Darbhanga at cheap costs thanks to Veena Vatika's Sawan Savings program. Veena Vatika provides a lifestyle that exceeds expectations thanks to its outstanding location, unrivalled quality, and a comprehensive choice of facilities. Don't pass up this fantastic opportunity to make your homeownership aspirations a reality. Take advantage of the Sawan Savings offer and enter a world of comfort and luxury at Veena Vatika.
In general, Veena Vatika Township is a fantastic choice for anyone searching for a contemporary, well-equipped, and environmentally friendly location to live. The township is situated in a convenient area and provides a number of facilities. Additionally, a reputable builder created it, and the cost of apartments is reasonable.

Veena Vatika Anniversary Celebration Venue - Veena Vatika Society Dilli More, Badri Nagar, Darbhanga
Veena Vatika Township Contact Number -  93090 90965
Veena Vatika Township Website - https://veenavatika.com/

Online Application for Under Graduate Engineering Admission Counselling in Govt. & Private Engg. Colleges of Bihar based on JEE(MAINS)-2023

UGEAC 2023 - 
Candidates who participated in the Joint Entrance Examination [JEE (MAIN)]-2023, administered by the National Testing Agency (NTA), and received a valid NTA score are welcome to submit online applications. Such candidates may submit an application to participate in the Under Graduate Engineering Admission Counselling (UGEAC)-2023 for admission to the first year B.E. / B. Tech. Courses in the Government Engineering Colleges of Bihar, including the SGIDT in Patna, the Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Womens Institute of Technology in Kameshwar Nagar, Darbhanga (under the Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga), the Exalt College of Engg.

UGEAC 2023 Online Application Time Extension - 
A great news for all candidates willing to complete their degree from Bihar. In continuation to Adv. No. BCECEB(UGEAC)-2023/01 & 2023/02 dt. 30.05.2023 it is to inform to all concerned candidates who have appeared in JEE (Main)- 2023 and have a valid NTA score, that the Online Registration Closing date of Under Graduate Engineering Admission Counselling (UGEAC)-2023 for admission to the first year B.E. / B. Tech. Courses in Govt. Engineering Colleges of Bihar, SGIDT, Patna , Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam Womens Institute of Technology, Navodaya Complex, Kameshwar Nagar, Darbhanga (Under Lalit Narayan Mithila University, Darbhanga) has been extended from 30.06.2023 to 07.07.2023.
UGEAC 2023
List of Engineering Colleges in Bihar - 
Here is a list of Bihar's engineering colleges that have received AICTE approval. Depending on how well they score in JEE MAIN 2023, candidates may have the opportunity for counselling and may be admitted to any colleges of Bihar.
Revised important dates for UGEAC-2023 - 
Online Registration closing date  - 07.07.2023
Last date of payment through Net Banking / Debit Card /Credit Card with final submission of the online Application Form of Registered candidate - 08.07.2023
Online Editing of Application Form - 09.07.2023 to 10.07.2023
Publication of Merit list of UGEAC-2023 - To be notified later on
Proposed date of Online Counselling - To be notified later on

All the certificates included in the list given below, if applicable, must be submitted in original by every candidate at the time of his / her counselling / allotment on the scheduled date - 
  • Original Admit Card of JEE (MAIN)-2023
  • Original Score Card of JEE (MAIN)-2023
  • Passing Certificate / Mark sheet / Admit Card of Matric / equivalent exam.
  • Passing Certificate / Mark sheet / Admit Card of Intermediate/ 10+2 / equivalent exam.
  • Residential Certificate.
  • Caste Certificate.
  • All the Certificate / documents in original as per the requirements of admissions in Private Engg. Colleges.
  • Six copies of the passport size photographs, which was pasted on the Admit Card of JEE (MAIN)-2023. Downloaded print of Online filled Application Form (Part A & Part B) of UGEAC-2023.
  • Aadhar Card.
  • Any other documents required (if any) such as DQ (PwD)/SMQ / EWS certificate

The prospectus for UGEAC-2023 and the related Advertisement No.-BCECEB(UGEAC)-2023/01 dated 30.05.2023, which can be seen or downloaded from the Board's website at bceceboard.bihar.gov.in, contain detailed information about the program, eligibility requirements for counselling, admission, fee payment procedures, and other details.

To know more and apply online for UGEAC 2023 - Click Here

SAWAN OFFER: Great Discounts on Flats Booking at Veena Vatika Darbhanga

The rainy season is here, and Veena Vatika Darbhanga is celebrating by offering amazing prices on flats. You may save up to 40% on your booking from now through the end of July. That means you can experience all of Veena Vatika Darbhanga's advantages, such as its beautiful apartments, world-class facilities, and accessible location, for a fraction of the price.

Invitation for 1st Anniversary of Veena Vatika Darbhanga -
We recommend you all to join the calibration and get benefited from huge discount on flat booking. Veena Vatika family heartly invite the people of Darbhanga and surroundings to the celebration of successful and delightful First Anniversary of beloved Veena Vatika. The society hope that you all will bring joy to the celebration with your eminent presence - Veena Vatika Family
Veena Vatika Darbhanga
Savan Savings: Great Deals on Flats at Veena Vatika Darbhanga -
The project VEENA VATIKA was formally unveiled on July 6, 2022. So this month is highly fortunate for this wonderful project, and there were also substantial discounts on flat bookings in Veena Vatika Darbhanga last year during SAWAN SEASON. They want to provide similar reductions this year to everyone interested in purchasing a magnificent home in the city of Darbhanga.

Here are some additional details about the Sawan Savings promotion:
  • The promotion is valid from July 1 to July 31, 2023.
  • The discount is applied to the total booking amount, excluding taxes and service charges.
  • The promotion is not valid in conjunction with any other discounts or offers.
  • The promotion is subject to availability.
Prime Locations -
Veena Vatika is conveniently positioned in Darbhanga, a city noted for its rich cultural legacy and history. Veena Vatika is conveniently located near major facilities such as schools, hospitals, retail centers, and transit hubs. Its handy location guarantees a stress-free living, making it an excellent choice for families, working professionals, and investors alike.

Affordability Redefined -
Veena Vatika recognizes the value of affordability in today's real estate market. Veena Vatika has revolutionized the notion of low-cost housing with the Sawan Savings offer. The project provides a variety of flats in varying sizes and layouts to accommodate a variety of budgets and tastes. Veena Vatika provides something for everyone, whether you want a little flat or a large house.

Unmatched Quality -
When it comes to purchasing a property, quality is the most important factor to consider. Veena Vatika takes pleasure in providing high-quality craftsmanship and great attention to detail. Veena Vatika's flats are constructed using high-quality materials and are intended to maximize space utilization and comfort. Every element of the apartments radiates elegance and sophistication, from modern construction to luxury fittings.

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