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BELTRON - An enterprise owned by the Bihar government, Bihar State Electronics Development Corporation Ltd. (BSEDC Ltd.), operates in the electronics, computer products, and IT services industries. BELTRON has already conducted 3 CBT exams for exiting Programmers working in various offices of Government of Bihar. Recently, BELTRON has published a notification to conduct 3rd CBT Exam for Programmers who failed earlier.
PROGRAMMERS CBT(Computer Based Test) Exam - For those employed programmers in the various government agencies in Bihar, here is an additional opportunity through BELTRON. Two CBT Exams have already been held, and many applicants who have already passed are reaping the rewards.

PROGRAMMERS CBT Exam Syllabus - The Programmers CBT Exam syllabus has already been released by BELTRON. The curriculum for the CBT for Programmers programme at IGNOU's MCA (Master of Computer Applications) programme is exactly the same. Candidates who have not appeared for CBT or failed in previous CBT can follow the syllabus and prepare for the CBT Exam. Based on IGNOU MCA Syllabus courses has been mentioned below. Read the complete Syllabus of BELTRON' PROGRAMMERS.

MCS - 011: Problem-Solving and Programming
MCS-012: Computer Organization and Assembly Language Programming
MCS-013: Discrete Mathematics
MCS-014: Systems Analysis and Design
MCS-015: Communication Skills
MCSL-016: Internet Concepts and Web Design
MCSL -017: Lab (C and Assembly Language Programming)
MCS-021: Data and File structures
MCS-022: Operating System Concepts and Networking Management
MCS-023: Introduction to Database Management Systems
MCS-024: Object Oriented Technology and Java Programming
MCSL-025: Lab (Data Structures using C, WINDOWS 2000, LINUX / UNIX, Java and MS-ACCESS, My SQL)
MCS-031: Design and Analysis of Algorithms
MCS-032: Object Oriented Analysis and Design
MCS-033 Advanced Discrete Mathematics
MCS-034: Software Engineering
MCS-035: Accountancy and Financial Management
MCSL-036 Lab
MCS-041: Operating Systems
MCS 042: Data Communication and Networks
MCS 043: Advanced Database Management Systems
MCS - 044: Mini Project
MCSL-045 Lab (UNIX & DBMS)
MCS-051: Advanced Internet Technologies
MCS-052: Principles of Management and Information Systems
MCS-053 Computer Graphics and Multimedia
MCSL-054 Lab (Advanced Internet Technologies and Computer Graphics)
MCSE-003 Artificial Intelligence and Knowledge Management
MCSE-004 Numerical and Statistical Computing
MCSE-011 Parallel Computing
MCSP-060 Project
PROGRAMMERS CBT Exam Pattern - Online test for the knowledge of computers and its applications along with the languages of computer programs are tested. Time duration for the test is 02:00Hrs and total 100 questions of multiple choice carrying 100 marks will be asked in the CBT. 

PROGRAMMERS CBT Exam Schedules and Admit Cards - The third CBT Exam for Programmers will be conducted on 16th October 2022. Admits Cards for the examination has been published on the portal of BELTRON. Click Here to Download the Admit Card for Programmer CBT

PROGRAMMERS CBT Exam Books and Study Materials -
PROGRAMMERS Previous CBT Question Papers with Answers - Already two CBT has been conducted in 2018 and 2019 by BELTRON. Candidates appearing for third CBT must go through the previous CBT Question Papers and Answers - 

PROGRAMMERS CBT Exam Sample Papers, Model & Practice Sets - We have gathered more then 50000 MCQs based on MCA Syllabus of IGNOU and hope it will help all the working Programmers to crack the BELTRON's CBT.

Problem Solving and Programming MCQ PDF Advance Internet Technology MCQ PDF Algorithms MCQ PDF Computer Graphics MCQ PDF C-Programming MCQ PDF Data Communication & Networking MCQ PDF Data Structure MCQ PDF DBMS MCQ PDF HTML MCQ PDF Internet & Web Tech MCQ PDF Java Programming MCQ PDF AI & Knowledge Management MCQ PDF LINUX OS MCQ PDF OOPS Concept MCQ PDF Software Engineering MCQ PDF Operating System MCQ PDF Object Oriented Analysis & Design MCQ PDF Data Structure-2 MCQ PDF

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