Update Mobile Number using Aadhaar Authentication in DL and RC

The Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (MORTH) has made significant digitalization efforts to make it easier for individuals to use online RTO services. People are currently using a lot of faceless services in India to do their own thing without physically going to the RTO. In accordance with rule 4 of the aforementioned rules, the MORTH submitted a proposal to the Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology of the Central Government, which, by O.M. No. 13(2)/2022-EG-II (Vol. II), dated the 4th November 2020, authorized the use of Aadhaar authentication for the purposes of using digital platforms to ensure good governance in relation to certain services offered to citizens online.
Mobile number in DL
Update Your Mobile Number using Aadhaar Authentication in Registration Certificates and Driving License in India - 
Here we have explained all the information about updating mobile numbers using Aadhaar authentication in registration certificates and driving licenses in India. It is good to know that citizens have the option to update their information online through the portal or mobile application. It's important to note that while Aadhaar authentication is required for online updates, those without an Aadhaar number may still use the service in person by providing an alternative identity document. Any person wishing to use any of the services listed below online through the portal (Parivahan.gov.in or the mParivahan Mobile Application) must voluntarily submit to Aadhaar authentication. With the caveat that anyone without an Aadhaar number may still use the service in person by providing a tangible alternative document to the appropriate authority in accordance with CMVR 1989 to prove their identity.
Update Mobile Number using Aadhaar Authentication in Registration Certificate - The citizen can avail the service through portal - (www.parivahan.gov.in) or mparivahan mobile application. The following steps needs to be followed - 
a. Go to parivahan.gov. in 
b. Select Online services .. Vehicle related services. 
c. Select State name <. RTO and Enter - vehicle registration number. 
d. Select mobile number update facility. 
e. Provide confirmation for disclaimer and proceed. 
f. Enter information - vehicle registration number, chassis number, engine number. 
g. Enter Aadhaar number, Mobile number as per Aadhaar. 
h. click on verify button to get the details verified through Aadhaar based authentication.

Update Mobile Number using Aadhaar Authentication in Driving License - To update your mobile number in your driving license in India, you will need to follow the steps below:
  • Visit the official website of the Ministry of Road Transport and Highways (https://parivahan.gov.in/) and click on the "Online Services" tab.
  • Click on the "Driving License Related Services" tab and select your state from the drop-down menu.
  • Choose the service you want to avail, which is "Mobile Number Update" in this case, and click on "Continue".
  • Enter your driving license number, date of birth, and click on "Proceed".
  • Select the fields you want to modify, which is your mobile number, and enter the new mobile number.
  • Do the authentication.
Note: For particular directions, it is always better to visit the official website of your state's transport department. The actual procedure may differ significantly depending on the state you are in.

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