Museum in Darbhanga

In this article, we are going to explore all information about all the museums present in the city Darbhanga. Basically, there are two museums in the city namely Maharajadhiraja Lakshmishwar Singh Museum and Chandradhari Museum. We suppose very soon this city will have another unique and modern Planetarium cum museum in coming days

And finally the new Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum has been opened for public. To preserve and to promote our religious and cultural heritage it is very important for our society. It is one of the source of entertainment as well. If we go back in history, City Darbhanga has been rich in terms of cultural value and Mithila culture.

Maharaja Laxmishwar Singh Museum -
The museum, which was founded in 1977, displays a unique collection of various historical artefacts from Royal Darbhanga. This museum has several items and weapons made of Tusker teeth, silver, and gold. All of these collections have been meticulously grouped into eight distinct rooms in the museum for the sake of safety and aesthetics. The Darbhanga Raj Royal Family has donated all items and relics to the Bihar State Government. This museum's location is excellent; it is conveniently close to Darbhanga Railway Station.
Darbhanga Museum
Visiting a museum was formerly the most popular activity for school and college students in the city. The regal throne of Maharaj Rameshwar Singh, constructed of gold, silver, and precious stones, is one of the museum's distinctive objects. This lovely throne may be seen in the museum's Raj Singhasan Kash Hall. If you ever have free time in the city, you must visit this museum. In the Metallic Artefacts Hall, the museum contains a one-of-a-kind significant artefacts globe made of copper and a circular shield displayed safely. This museum contains a fantastic collection of ivory artefacts. There are several halls devoted to weaponry and wooden artefacts.

Chandradhari Museum -
Chandradhari Museum(also called Mithila Museum), is older then the Maharaja Laxmishwar Singh Museum as per data it was established in 1957. It is also situated at Darbhanga, Bihar. In 1974, this museum was shifted to present double floored building near railway Junction. Earlier it was present on the eastern bank of Mansarowar Lake. Just like Maharaja Laxmeshwar Singh Museum, it has got 11 different halls for different kind of objects and artifacts. It has variety of attractive artifacts made of glass, and splendid artistic works of weavers. 
Chandradhari Museum

There are different artworks and styles on show that may be observed. There are also unique tiny paintings in various genres. The artwork that draws the most attention is the one of Krishna Leela with gopies based on Jaidev's poem Geet-govinda. There are magnificent sculptures of Goddess Durga, Surya, and Lord Shiva. This museum also features a library, which makes it unique for students. It was built with artefacts and legacy donated by Ranti Dhoti of Madhubani. Apart from these two historical museums in Darbhanga, there are many other things you can see and do in Darbhanga.

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