Things to See and Do in Darbhanga

Trip to Darbhanga -  Speed of development and ease of transportation have given an option for many businessman and professional to visit Darbhanga like never before. Once up on a time it was full day journey to visit the capital of Bihar - Patna from Darbhanga via Bus or four wheeler. Reasons were bad roads and perhaps not so active government. Today, we have many national highways which has made us faster then before. Recently, Darbhanga Airport has also been functional and it has given us an opportunity to reach anywhere in India within some hours.  

Trip to Darbhanga

List of things to See and Do in Darbhanga-

Darbhanga Raj
Lakshmishwar Vilas palace, also known as Anand Bagh Bhawan
Nargauna palace, an earthquake-resistant structure
Path leading to Bela Palace
Shyama Temple
Manokamna Mandir
Malechched Mardani Mandir, a Shakti cult temple
Chandradhari Singh Museum
Maharaja Lakshmishwar Singh Museum
Ahilya Asthan
Kusheshwar Asthan
Modern Planetarium cum museum 
Dalan Resorts 

Where to Stay in Darbhanga -
Hotel Garcia International (Cell: 085446 77901; Tariff: ₹1,900-5,900)
Hotel Govinda Palace -(Cell: 094316 03602; Tariff: ₹1,000-3,900)
Hotel AP Palace (Cell: 074885 85430; Tariff: ₹1,400-3,900) is in Lalbagh.
Hotel Beena Mansion (Cell: 077618 55932; Tariff ₹850-3,000)
Hotel Ira Palace (Cell: 076312 80108; Tariff: ₹ 700-3,500),
Hotel Rama Residency (Cell: 099059 10710; Tariff: ₹ 830-4,500)
Hotel Shyama Regency (Cell: 099730 11112; Tariff: ₹ 1,200-2,500)

Nearest Airport: Darbhanga Airport
Nearest Railway Station: Darbhanga Junction
Best place to visit or to stay or for lunch or dinner in Darbhanga - Dalaan Resort and Machaan Restaurant 

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