Darbhanga Taramandal: Open Now! Book Your Tickets Today & Explore the Universe and Have Fun

The public can now visit Darbhanga Taramandal, the second planetarium in Bihar situated on the Kadirabad Polytechnic Ground in Darbhanga. A cutting-edge digital projection system in the planetarium allows it to display images of the night sky on a 15-meter-diameter dome. Planetarium-cum-Knowledge and Science Museum, Darbhanga showed a lot of enthusiasm among the common people and school children as soon as it opened for the general public, the 2D show running from 02:00 pm in the planetarium. It was informed by the officer-in-charge of the planetarium that today 04 shows were conducted in the planetarium, in which about 275 spectators/students enjoyed the show. He informed that a request is being made by the general public for 3D operation instead of 2D for the show organized at 02:00 PM in Planetarium-cum-Knowledge and Science Museum, Darbhanga and it is being seen that the 3D show is more popular than 2D. Tickets are being booked. On the demand of common people, the show organized at 02:00 PM has been changed to 3D instead of 2D.

About Darbhanga Taramandal - 
Darbhanga Taramandal is among the best Taramandals in India overall, not just in Bihar. The Taramandal was created by a US-based architectural firm and is equipped with all contemporary methods and styles. City Darbhanga residents take great pride in their city's stunning planetarium. Darbhanga Taramandal also conducts a number of special events, including stargazing nights, astronomy lectures, and planetarium sleepovers, in addition to these regular performances. Visit the planetarium's website for further details on forthcoming activities.

Darbhanga Taramandal Ticket online

Darbhanga Taramandal Show Timing - 
Right now the Taramandal has been begun with four shows a day. One 2D show and three 3D shows per day. The following are some of the current performances in Darbhanga Taramandal: The Solar System: From the Sun to the furthest regions of the Kuiper Belt, this programme takes you on a tour of our solar system. The Milky Way: This programme investigates the numerous mysteries of our own galaxy, the Milky Way. The universe: From the Big Bang to the present, this programme gives you a tour of the cosmos.
Darbhanga Taramandal Contact Mobile and Email ID - 
Mail - planetariumdarbhanga@gmail.com 
Call - +91 77658 22290
Darbhanga Taramandal Administration - 
Yes for now the Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science museum is administered and monitored by Principal, Darbhanga Engineering College, Darbhanga. 
Darbhanga Taramandal Ticket Booking Online -
A new web portal has been launched by the department of Science and technology, Bihar. All interested universe and astrology lovers can book the show ticket online and reach the location to enjoy the best thing of city Darbhanga. use the this URL to book your ticket online - https://dstbihar.softelsolutions.in/
How to Book Darbhanga Taramandal Ticket Online - 
  • Visit the portal - https://dstbihar.softelsolutions.in/
  • First of all Register yourself by clicking on Sign Up Button
  • Just enter your Name, Mobile number and set your password
  • Once your account created login to the portal.
  • Search the show availability
  • Select the number of Ticket required
  • Add the tickets into the cart
  • Pay the fee
  • Download the ticket and visit the Darbhanga Taramandal. 
Darbhanga Taramandal Ticket Price - 
Price has been fixed based on the viewers and the type of show. There is discounts for students and 3D show is a bit costlier then the 2D show. 
Darbhanga Taramandal Review -
Even though it was the opening day of the show—it was supposed to open on June 15—the administration really started the Taramandal on June 10 of 2023. Visitors have provided the best reviews and feedback after seeing the show at Taramandal. Students claim to have witnessed everything in the Taramandal's show that they had read about in their textbooks up to this point. 
Darbhanga Taramandal Location - 
Darbhanga Taramandal has been developed under the Polytechnique campus of Darbhanga and it address is Darbhanga Polytechnic Campus, Darbhanga, Bihar. The location is the prime location of the city. Read about Darbhanga Taramandal in Details Here.

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