Road Accident Interim Compensation From Transport Department

Road Accident Interim Compensation Scheme - This scheme is active in whole state Bihar from 15th September 2021. A great initiate of Transport Department, Government of Bihar for the state Bihar. Getting claim from Insurance Company was one of the toughest thing for common people, it was a complex and time consuming process due to case and court procedures. In Compliance of the judgment passed by the Hon. Supreme Court of India in Civil Appeal Case No.-9936 and 9937/2016, Usha Devi & others Vs Union of India, through Act No-32/2019, in the Motor Vehicle Act, 1988, for the purpose of speedy disposal of compensation claims Bihar Motor Vehicle Rules, 1992, related with Claim Tribunals, need to be amended at the earliest. And after amendment of Tribunal act it has been implemented across Bihar.  

Bihar Motor Vehicle (Amendment-1) Rules, 2021 - In Compliance of the judgment passed by the Hon. Supreme Court of India, very important amendment took place. Transport Department, Government of Bihar has developed a dedicated portal Road Accident Compensation Management System for speedy disposal of accident claims. To Read the Official Notification about amendment for Road Accident Compensation  - Bihar Motor Vehicle (Amendment-1) Rules, 2021

Road Accident Compensation Management System - Road Accidents kill people, this is one of the worst moment for any family when they lose their loved one in road accidents. If we see the Road Accidents Data of India it is worst then other country. Government of India has bought many schemes and organization to reduce the road accidents. After many efforts of government we don't see much reduction in road accidents. And many people lose themselves or their loved one. Situation is worst when someone loses their guardian the whole family becomes helpless. Just to help the people whose relatives gets killed in road accidents, this compensation scheme has been made simple and easy. There are two types of accidents - 
HIT and RUN Accidents Compensation - If the vehicle hit and run, means vehicle number is not known - There is a Compensation of 5,00,000(Five Lacs) in case of death and 50,000(Fifty Thousand) in case of severe injury under Road Accident Interim Compensation Scheme.   
Non-HIT and RUN Accidents Compensation - If the vehicle hit, means either vehicle gets caught or vehicle number is known. There is separate forms available online and offline to apply for this compensation. 
Road accident compensation
How to Get Benefits of Road Accident Interim Compensation Scheme - This scheme has been amended to make it faster and right now it is working fast and smooth. Though multiple officers are involved, District Transport Office is the key and DTO/RTO is the nodal officer for this scheme so all deserving people can reach the concerned Regional Transport Office to get help in case of Road Accidents or they can just apply online using the online portal(link attached below) which is also available on the Official Web Portal of Transport Department, Govt of Bihar. 
Online Portal for Road Accident Compensation Management System - Road Accident Compensation, Bihar
To Apply Online for Road Accident Compensation, Bihar   - Click Here 
All the Forms required for Road Accident Compensation - Forms

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