Bihar Budget 2023-24: Expectations Vs Reality

Bihar Budget 2023-24 - The budget is an important tool for governments to manage their finances and allocate resources in a way that best serves the needs of their citizens. The budget for the upcoming fiscal year 2023–24 was presented to the state assembly on Tuesday by Bihar's finance minister, Vijay Kumar Choudhary. Here are the details about it - Read the Official Highlights, And Click here to read the Official Bihar Budget 2023.

Bihar Budget 2023-24 Live Announcement -
Time 11:00AM - The state's economy grew by 10.98% in 2021–2022; it claims to be one of the nation's "fastest-growing" ones.
Time 11:05AM - Bihar budget for the year 2023-24 Rs 2 lakh 61 thousand 885 crore
Time 11:08AM - Bihar's total expenditure was Rs 1.93 lakh crore in 2021-22
Time 11:10AM - 
Provision of 60 crores for Nari Shakti Yojana
50 crores for the girl child cycle scheme 
Rs 100 crore for girl dress
Time 11:15AM - 
94 crores for first class in matriculation 
40 crores for the reconstruction of Madrasa
540 crores for the expansion of PMCH
Time 11:20AM - 
21 Sadar Hospital will become Model Hospital 
Tele medicine facility in the village 
Medical colleges will be made in 9 districts
Time 11:25AM - 
Work continues on the fourth agricultural road map
Expansion of organic agriculture continues
Efforts to increase the income of farmers
Time 11:30AM - 
Work on river linking scheme continues in Bihar
Rs 525.38 crore for cattle rearers
392 crores for solar lights
Time 12:30AM - 
Maximum Amount has been allotted for Education scheme Sarva Shiksha Abhiyan (SSA) - 16131 Cr among 140 important schemes of Bihar. 
Bihar Budget
Prime Focus of Bihar Budget 2022-23
1. Youth and Employment
2. Continual Woman Empowerment
3. Minors Welfares 
4. Focus on Police Force
5. Agriculture and Rural Development
6. Green Development
7. Infrastructure and Industries Development
Expectation from Bihar Budget 2022-23
  • Prime Focus on Employment
  • Industries in Bihar
  • Safety and Security
  • Laws and Orders
  • MSME, NBFC and Manufacturing sector to Agriculture industry
  • Health Insurance for India’s Missing Middle
  • Schemes benefiting SCs, STs and senior citizens
Bihar Budget 2023-24 Reality - Personally, I didn't like it all because the Bihar government made numerous announcements they couldn't grasp. The government's budget, in my opinion, is the worst in history since all it says is, "Come join us and be our slaves." R&D is not being discussed. Without inventions, no companies would be founded.

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