Chief Secretary, Bihar held a meeting regarding Teacher Appointment Exam

Meeting regarding BPSC TRE Exam -  Under the direction of the Chief Secretary, Mr. Aamir Subahni, the BPSC Chairman, Mr. Atul Prasad, the Additional Chief Secretary for the Home Department, Mr. B.K. Rajender, the Additional Director General Special Secretary for the Home, Mrs. Anupam, all of the district magistrates, the senior superintendent of police, and the superintendent of police were invited to a meeting yesterday. The competitive examination will be held on August 24, 25, 26, and 27, 2023, according to BPSC Chairman Mr. Atul Prasad. The test will last two hours, although applicants will be allowed access to the examination centre two and a half hours before the test starts.
Key Points of meeting regarding Teacher Appointment Exam - Despite the fact that there has been much discussion over how to conduct the next BPSC TRE Exam in a clean, uncontroversial, peaceful and efficient manner.  . The following are the important points from the meetings -
  • The question paper will be sent in a digitally locked box.
  • Jammers will be installed at all examination centers, surveillance cameras will be arranged.
  • Admit card can be downloaded 10 days in advance.
  • The name of the examination center will not be there on the admit card
  • Frisking of male candidates will be done by male police.
  • Frisking of female candidates will be done by female police.
  • Only regular teachers/college teachers will be appointed as invigilators in the examination.
  • The wall clock in working condition in all the examination halls.
  • Examination center will be allotted through randomization
  • The District Magistrate and Senior Superintendent of Police will himself visit the examination centers.
  • District Magistrates are requested to provide the list of examination centers before July 20.
Preparation by BPSC to conduct BPSC TRE 2023 Exam - All District Magistrates have been asked to furnish a list of examination sites by July 20. The Chief Secretary stated during the meeting that this examination is quite sensitive. All District Magistrates and Senior Superintendents of Police/Superintendents of Police are responsible for conducting the examination in a clean, uncontroversial, peaceful, and efficient way.

Last Date to Apply for BPSC TRE 2023 - To begin with, the deadline to apply for BPSC TRE was July 12, 2023, however owing to a technical glitch, the deadline was extended to July 15, 2023, and then again to July 19, 2023. As a result, today is the last day to apply for the BPSC TRE Exam.

Admit Cards for BPSC TRE Exam - The admit card can be downloaded 10 days in advance, which was done due to the server's overload. The name of the examination center will not appear on the admission card; instead, there will be a code; two days before the examination date, the name of the examination center associated with that code will be revealed.

The recent release of the Bihar Public Service Commission (BPSC) exam question paper has generated a big commotion in the state. The disclosure has also harmed the BPSC's credibility. The commission is in charge of administering fair and transparent tests, and the leak has thrown the commission's capacity to do so into doubt. The BPSC is going to hold the test for School Teachers. This time, the BPSC has taken things extremely seriously and is working on a variety of things that may be done to avoid future question paper leaks.

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