How to Register for eMulakat on the e-Prison Portal

eMulakat - Talk to the prisoner in jail

Talk to the prisoner in jail through “e-meeting system”. Know the process and complete information here. To register, visit the web portal of National Prisons Information Portal (e-Prison). Visitors to Indian jails can register for and schedule visits using the eMulakat site, a digital platform. Over 1,300 jails are included in the service, which is accessible in all 37 of India's states. You must register on the site in order to sign up for eMulakat. Visit the eMulakat website and select "Create an Account" to accomplish this.

Now you can talk to the prisoner in jail at home through "e-meeting system". Once you have register on the e-Prison portal using following information: Your name, Your father's or husband's name, Your address, Your gender, Your age, Your relationship to the prisoner, Your identity proof (e.g., driving license, passport, voter ID card), Your contact information (email address and mobile number). After verification of the details by Superintendent of Jail, a permission for virtual meeting will be granted and the date and time of visit will be shared on the email and mobile number registered. 

Process for eMulakat Registration -

It is compulsory to register on the e-Prison Portal for visiting the prisoner through video call. You will also need to provide the following information about the prisoner you wish to visit: The prisoner's name, The prisoner's father's name, The prisoner's age, The prisoner's gender, and The prisoner's jail. Your eMulakat account will be established once you've provided all the necessary data. After that, you'll be able to plan the prisoner's visits. You must choose the visit's date, time, and number of visitors before you can arrange it.

Steps on how to register for eMulakat on the e-Prison Portal - 

  • First of all all interested people who are willing to meet with prisoner, Go to the e-Prison Portal website:
  • Click on the "New Visitor Registration" link. 
  • Fill out the registration form. 
  • Enter the OTP that is sent to your mobile number and email address. 
  • Click on the "Submit" button. 
  • You will receive a confirmation email with your eMulakat registration details.
  • And after approval of details by Superintendent of Jail, Date and Time of e-meeting will be shared with you on your registered mobile and email.
The use of digital technology in jails has the potential to improve safety, efficiency, and rehabilitation. However, it is important to carefully consider the potential risks and benefits before making a decision to adopt new technologies. Government of India has implemented yet another technology using this technology and portal now people can meet their prisoners virtually from home. 

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