Places to Visit in Darbhanga

Not fare to say Town Darbhanga anymore it's City Darbhanga. People are seeking for places to visit and pass their free time in the city as a result of its rapid growth. In this city, Darbhanga, there are a lot of historical attractions, and many more are about to begin. Let's talk about two historical sites in Darbhanga that are worth visiting.

Places to visit in Darbhanga

If you ever get the chance to visit Darbhanga, you absolutely must not miss the LNMU Campus (Lalit Narayan Mithila University), which is just close to RAJ QILA. Only religious people should visit the MAA SHYAMA Mandir, which is close to Manokamna Mandir, as the second-best destination.

Talking about places to visit in the City Darbhanga let's start from history. Well, We don't have exact date but It was lump sum 1930 when both the historical places RAJ QILA and MAA SHYAMA MANDIR was built in Darbhanga Empire. RAJ QILA is the second LAAL QILA in India. Unfortunately, the construction of Darbhanga FORT(QILA) could not be completed else it would have been one of the top monuments of India Today. MAA SHYAMA MANDIR is also called MAA  RAMESHWARI SHYAMA MANDIR. Not only in Darbhanga City but SHYAMA Temple is quit popular in region Mithila. Both the places SHYAMA TEMPLE and RAJ QILA along with LNMU Campus, we recommend you to visit if you  ever commute in Darbhanga. Both are the clean place, specially Temple is well maintained.  

Very soon you can visit very amazing attractions in City Darbhanga which are under constructions namely Darbhanga Planetarium, Darbhanga IT Park and many more in coming future. Now City Darbhanga has the beautiful luxurious resort of North Bihar - Dalaan Resort and Machaan Restaurant 

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