About Darbhanga

Darbhanga, one of the most developing city of Bihar also it is the capital of Mithilanchal or we can say the Capital of unsaid state Mithilanchal. The district is quite popular for its trade in Fish, Mango and Makhana. It is a municipal corporation town but now developing like the metro city so we call it City Darbhanga. City Darbhanga is the 5th largest city of Bihar. It is one of the most important city among all big cities of Bihar. Darbhanga is also known as Heart of the Mithilanchal. It is situated between longitude 85 degree 45 minute East and 25 degree 53 minute North.
DM Darbhanga - At present Shri Rajiv Raushan, IAS is the District Magistrate of Darbhanga. 
District Magistrate Darbhanga Contact Details -
Email : dm-darbhanga.bih@nic.in
Designation : District Magistrate
Phone : 06272240200
Fax No. : 06272-240400
SP Darbhanga - At present Sri Awakash Kumar, IPS is the SSP of Darbhanga
Contact Details of SSP Darbhanga - 
Email : sp-darbhanga-bih@nic.in
Designation : SSP Darbhanga
Phone : 9431822992
Fax No. : 06272-245382
Mayor of Darbhanga - At present, Munni Devi is the Mayor of City Darbhanga
AIIMS Darbhanga - News about the construction of AIIMS Darbhanga which is one among the total 25 AIIMS across India has made this city more popular on the map of India. All updates about AIIMS Darbhanga can be gathered from the article - AIIMS Darbhanga
Airport Darbhanga - On the very great day 8th November(very first flight landed on the holy land of Darbhanga) for city Darbhanga. Since then Airport Darbhanga has made many records in terms of number of flyers and flights. To get all updates do read - Darbhanga Airport 
Official Facebook Page of Darbhanga - To get all the official updates from the DM Darbhanga and news about Darbhanga to follow the link -  https://www.facebook.com/DM.darbhanga
Official Tweeter Handle for Darbhanga - All the Darbhanga official updates can be accessed here at the tweeter handle of DM Darbhanga - https://twitter.com/darbhanga_dm
Official Facebook Page of Live Darbhanga - All the news, info and solutions about, for and to the Darbhanga is also available at the Facebook page of Live Darbhanga Portal - https://www.facebook.com/livedarbhanga
Official Tweeter Handle for Live Darbhanga - We are also available on tweeter with all the news, info and solutions for the city Darbhanga - https://twitter.com/LiveDarbhanga

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