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A unique portal for complete News, Information and Solutions for All Real Life Problems. We are glad to be of service, to all the people of Darbhanga. Information Technology is booming, we all have smartphones today where we can learn, earn and help each other. This is our small effort to bring you the information that matters most for the people of Darbhanga. Do check our most interesting and active updates regarding the City Darbhanga using the link below:

“I think goals should never be easy, they should force you to work, even if they are uncomfortable at the time.” —Michael Phelps

What a saying! We the Team LiveDarbhanga just love this quote of Michael Phelps who is the greatest Olympian Swimmer ever. Live Darbhanga is not just the website, we are a group of some random hungry Darbhagian. Yes, we do have a Goal. Goal to share news, information and solutions for all real life problems. We have a hunger of getting knowledge and sharing it with world. We firmly believe in sharing is caring and knowledge is the power. We, at LiveDarbhanga constantly strive to serve you better. Your satisfaction is our utmost concern. Do share with us all your problems and information you are looking for. Please keep sharing your feedback and encouraging us.
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A unique portal for City Darbhanga and Live Updates.
A portal of News and Information.
A portal for solutions to real life problems.

On LiveDarbhanga Web Portal you can also explore all the news and latest updates regarding 
Darbhanga Airport
Darbhanga IT-Park
Darbhanga AIIMS
Darbhanga DMCH
Darbhanga LNMU
Darbhanga Fort
Darbhanga WIT
Darbhanga DCE
Darbhanga Cab Services
Darbhanga Planetarium
Gold/Silver Price - Today in Darbhanga
Petrol Diesel Price - Today in Darbhanga
Live Darbhanga is the only dedicated web portal and here you can know everything about Darbhanga. This city is growing like never before. And we are trying our best to let you know all that matters the most. 

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