Town Darbhanga is now City Darbhanga

You heard it right, Darbhanga is no more town it's become a City now. Let me first define it for you. I am just trying to relate this Darbhanga with a Human being in context of development. A town is a populated area with fixed boundaries and a local government. A city is a large or important town having various facilities for the people residing their. Reasons which are important for Darbhanga to be called City Darbhanga now are followings:-

Darbhanga Airport - 

One of the major reason we call it City Darbhanga, Now Darbhanga is just an hour away from all major city across India. Things are changing drastically just because Darbhanga Airport Service started from Darbhanga. 

Darbhanga AIIMS - 

AIIMS in Darbhanga pretty soon we are going to witness our Dream City Darbhanga with various facilities in various fields of life like Science, Technologies, Medicals and Engineering.

Darbhanga Planetarium - 

Planetarium in Darbhanga is under construction in Darbhanga Polytechnic Campus, Darbhanga. Almost 90% of the construction work is completed, we can expect that it will be started for public to visit in last days of year 2022. 

Darbhanga DMCH - 

Darbhanga Medical College and Hospital(DMCH) just an amazing place where doctors are raised to treat patients. One of the leading Government College and Hospitals in the state Bihar. It was established in the year 1946. Affiliated to Aryabhatta Knowledge University(AKU, Patna). It has enormous campus in  the city Darbhanga. 

Darbhanga Engineering College - Darbhanga College of Engineering(DCE) previously known as Jagannath Mishra Institute of Technology(JMIT), Darbhanga ranks in top 10 Engineering College in Bihar. The College Campus is at Mabbi (NH-57), P.O-Lal Shahpur,Via-P.T.C, Darbhanga-846005. Darbhanga College of Engineering (DCE Darbhanga) is a government owned engineering college in Bihar, India, inaugurated by Nitish Kumar(Chief Minister of Bihar) ESTD in 2008. To Read more about DCE

Darbhanga Polytechnic College -

Darbhanga Polytechnic College(DPC) is one of the top polytechnic in Bihar. It has got an enormous campus and college building with hostel.

Darbhanga WIT -

Women's Institute of Technology was inaugurated by His Excellency Dr. A. P. J. Abdul Kalam. It is the only second campus of such type, first one is in Bangalore. WIT Darbhanga is one of the prominent institute in India.

Darbhanga IT PARK - 

Second IT Park of the state is Darbhanga IT-Park and it is under construction now. Soon City Darbhanga will have a crowd of geeks roaming across the city as IT-Park become funtional.

Cab on Rent in City Darbhanga

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