Darbhanga IT Park: The Gateway to Bihar's Digital Future

A Hub for Innovation and Entrepreneurship -
If you are a resident of Darbhanga, feel happy since this is the city's golden age. The second-most modern and state-of-the-art Planetarium cum Science Museum, as well as Bihar's IT Park, are both in Darbhanga. The Darbhanga IT Park is one of the state of Bihar's primary initiatives to advance the IT industry there. The park is anticipated to increase employment, foster economic expansion, and draw capital to the area. The Darbhanga IT Park is more than just a location for IT businesses to establish offices. Additionally, it is a hub for entrepreneurship and innovation. A co-working area, a business incubator, and a venture capital fund are just a few of the amenities the park will provide to foster creativity.

IT Park Darbhanga -
Three times previously, the opening of IT Park Darbhanga was anticipated, with the most recent opening date set for October 2022. However, because of unfinished projects and improvements in the development of the site, work on IT PARK Darbhanga is still ongoing.
IT Park Darbhanga
IT Park Darbhanga will be called STPI-Darbhanga - 
Software Technology Parks of India (STPI) would be the new name of IT Park Darbhanga - As a result of recent developments, as all IT parks in India are now referred to as "Software Technology Parks of India (STPI)". In Darbhanga, Bihar, there is a two-story IT park called Darbhanga IT Park. By July 2023, it should be finished; it is being built by the Bihar State IT Development Corporation (BSIDC). IT Park Darbhanga will now be referred to as STPI-Darbhanga. There will be a variety of amenities in the park, such as- 
  • A  gym, 
  • A  cafĂ©, 
  • A  library, 
  • A parking garage 
  • A conference room 
  • A fire protection system for a data center
Inauguration of Darbhanga IT Park - 
The Darbhanga IT Park is still in the building phase as of right now. By October 2022, the building project was supposed to be finished after beginning in 2020. However, the COVID-19 epidemic has caused considerable delays. The development was still under progress as of June 2023, and it is unclear when the park would be finished. The Bihar government is optimistic that the Darbhanga IT Park would succeed despite the delays. The park is situated in a prime area and has the potential to draw several IT businesses to the area. In Darbhanga, the park is also anticipated to generate around 5,000 employment in the IT industry.

Updates on the Darbhanga IT Park -
  • The Bihar government authorized an extra budget of Rs. 1.5 crore in January 2023 for the park's construction. 
  • The remaining work on the park will be finished by a construction business thanks to a contract that the BSIDC won in February 2023. 
  • The construction business began finishing off the park's final tasks in March 2023. 
  • The development was still under progress as of June 2023, and it is unclear when the park would be finished. 
  • The Darbhanga IT Park will be completed by the Bihar government and is anticipated to have a significant positive impact on the state's IT industry.
  • Not officially, but we have news from thee source that Darbhanga IT Park will ready on 31st July 2023.

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