Must Visit Places in-around Darbhanga

City Darbhanga - Capital of Mithila and its Pride as well. Having great history, this City Darbhanga is about to have great future too. Government of India and Government of Bihar both have open their helping hand to make this City, a dream city having all facilities in town. We must give credit and hearty thank to the leader who has made an effort for faster development of this City Darbhanga.

Frequency of people visiting Darbhanga for business or professional have grown due to better transportation like air transport. Yes, we are lucky if we belong to Darbhanga. There were many city of Bihar struggling to have their Airport but Darbhanga wins the race and Airport Darbhanga is fully functional now. 
Places to visit in darbhanga
As we care and detox our body time to time for better and healthy physical fitness, likewise our brain needs some detox and care which is quit simple. Just visit any place you can afford or easily available. If your brain is healthy and relaxed then only it will give you some creative ideas. It does not mean you need some handsome money if you want to visit somewhere. No, It is not like that. Visiting some place just mean breaking your daily life routine work and let your brain see/feel the stuff which are not compulsory. You might also like Things to See and Do in Darbhanga

Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum -
We have newly stated attraction in our city Darbhanga - Darbhanga Planetarium. One of the unique planetarium in the state. In Darbhanga, Bihar, India, there is a planetarium open to the general public. It gives general audiences and school groups informative shows on astronomy and space science. The planetarium has a dome theatre, a digital projection system, and a number of astronomy and space exploration-related exhibitions.
LNMU Campus -
Shyama Maa Temple -
Manokamna Temple -

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