Unlock the Mysteries of the Universe: Darbhanga Planetarium Reopens on June 15th

Darbhanga Planetarium, the second planetarium in Bihar, will be reopened for the general public on June 15, 2023. As the Darbhanga Planetarium reopens its doors on June 15th, be ready to take an enthralling cosmic adventure. This renowned scientific facility is once more prepared to astound and inform tourists about the marvels of the cosmos following a brief time of closure. The Darbhanga Planetarium offers an incredible experience that will reveal the wonders of the cosmos like never before with its cutting-edge facilities and immersive performances. 

In fact, after visiting the Planetarium-cum-Knowledge and Science Museum in Darbhanga, Udayan Mishra, head of the Department of Science and Technology, Government of Bihar, announced in a review meeting that it will be available to the public starting on June 15, 2023. Each day, there will be four shows and ticket price has also been announced.

Taramandal Darbhanga Ticket Price - Ticket price has been announced officially, there will be separate price show(2D/3D).
For 2D Show - 
For Children from 6 to 14 Years - 20/-
For People more then 15 Years - 50/-
For School/College Students in group and recommended by Principal - 10/-
For School/College and Educational Institute 150 Seat Hall Booking - 10/- 

For 3D Show - 
For Children from 6 to 14 Years - 30/-
For People more then 15 Years - 70/-
For School/College Students in group and recommended by Principal - 20/-
For School/College and Educational Institute 150 Seat Hall Booking - 20/- 
NOTE: Children under the age of three are not permitted inside the Sky-theatre. Children below 6 years are not required to carry tickets. Separate charges for foreigners. The planetarium will be open from 10am to 5pm on all days except Mondays. 
Taramandal Darbhanga Infrastructure and Development - 
Even though Nitish Kumar, the honourable chief minister of Bihar, inaugurated the Darbhanga Taramandal on January 12, 2023, it was closed to the public. It will now be accessible to the public, and other developments are planned for once it gets going. For security purposes, the boundary wall's height will be increased, and fencing wire will be placed on top of the wall. There will be a total of 3 indicator signs across the city that read "Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science Museum."

A Stellar Experience and Expert-led Presentations-
Visitors may anticipate a broad choice of celestial marvels and educational program that are appropriate for all ages when the planetarium reopens. The planetarium is equipped with a state-of-the-art digital projection technology that transforms the night sky into a beautiful sight that will wow visitors.
Darbhanga Planetorium
On June 15, the Darbhanga Planetarium will reopen, and it will take guests on a remarkable voyage into the grandeur of the cosmos. The planetarium provides an unmatched experience that sparks curiosity and encourages a better awareness of our cosmic surrounds with its immersive displays, expert-led seminars, virtual reality exhibitions, and educational outreach program. The Darbhanga Planetarium guarantees to solve the universe's riddles and leave you with lifelong memories whether you're an astronomy aficionado, a scientific fan, or someone looking for an exciting experience. If you are interested in visiting the Darbhanga Planetarium, here are some tips-
  • Buy your tickets in advance online or at the counter. 
  • Arrive early to avoid long lines. 
  • Wear comfortable shoes as you will be doing a lot of walking. 
  • Bring a camera to capture your memories. 
  • Be prepared to be amazed!
Book Taramandal Darbhanga Ticket Online -  
It was scheduled to be started on 15th June 2023 but the Darbhanga Planetarium cum Science museum has been opened for public from 10th June and people can book ticket online on - https://dstbihar.softelsolutions.in/

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