Darbhanga Planetarium: The Universe in Your Hands

Planetarium at Darbhanga: The Universe in Your Hands - The Darbhanga Planetarium is a location where people may discover more about the cosmos and engage with it in novel ways. Visitors of all ages can enjoy and learn from the planetarium's range of presentations and exhibits. "The Universe in Your Hands" is among Darbhanga Planetarium's most well-liked performances. This presentation transports viewers around the cosmos using a combination of live narration and cutting-edge projection technology.

Darbhanga Planetarium Opening Date - The Darbhanga Planetarium opened on January 12, 2023, under the honorable leadership of Mr. Nitish Kumar, the Chief Minister, Bihar. It took around 6 months, but on June 10th, 2023, the planetarium eventually opened to the public.
Darbhanga Planetarium Ticket Price - The planetarium's ticket price is lower than other planetariums if we compare its technology and facilities. Tickets start at 20 per person, and students receive a special discount. Schools, institutes, and educational businesses can also make reservations in bulk.
Darbhanga Planetarium Show Timings - Although the Darbhanga Planetarium opens at 9AM, the first presentation is scheduled to start at 11AM. The four shows have the following times: 11, 12, 2, and 3.
Darbhanga Planetarium Ticket Booking - The planetarium counter will soon allow customers to pick up their tickets, which are currently only available through the official website at https://dstbihar.softelsolutions.in/.
Darbhanga Planetarium Opening Time - The Planetarium opens at 9AM but the first show begins at 11AM.
Darbhanga Planetarium Location - Where is Planetarium in Darbhanga? The city's planetarium is a very desirable place. It is located on the Government Polytechnic Campus, a sizable campus that is simple to get from any location in Darbhanga. There is only a 2 km distance between the planetarium and the Darbhanga Airport, LNMU, a renowned university, is nearby.
Darbhanga Planetarium Benefits -
  • The advantages of going to Darbhanga Planetarium include the following: 
  • You will get knowledge about the workings of the cosmos. 
  • Amazing pictures of the galaxies, planets, and stars will be seen. 
  • You'll have an enjoyable and instructive experience. 
  • You'll be motivated to find out more about the cosmos. 
I'm hoping you soon get the chance to check out Darbhanga Planetarium! Do read more about Darbhanga Planetarium Here
Darbhanga Planetarium Photos - 
Darbhanga Planetarium
Darbhanga Planetarium
Darbhanga Planetarium
Darbhanga Planetarium
Darbhanga Planetarium

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