All Telecom Service Providers to Offer Maithili IVR and Customer Care Services

Origin and History of Maithili Language - Over 24 million people in India and Nepal speak the Indo-Aryan language of Maithili. It is the official tongue of the Indian state of Bihar, and the Indian government has designated it as a scheduled language. The term "Maithili" is derived from the word "Mithila," the name of a former country whose ruler was King Janaka (see the Ramayana). Sita, the wife of King Rama and the daughter of King Janaka, also goes by the name Maithili.

Maithili IVR

Key events in the history of the Maithili language -

  • 700-1300 AD: The Charyapadas were composed.
  • 15th century: Vidyapati writes the first known Maithili grammar.
  • 16th-17th centuries: Maithili literature flourishes.
  • 18th century: Maithili literature declines.
  • 19th century: Maithili literature is revived.
  • 20th century: Maithili becomes an official language of Bihar.
  • 21st century: Maithili continues to be a vibrant language with a rich literary tradition.
Addition of Maithili Language in Eighth Schedule of the Indian Constitution - The 92nd Amendment Act of 2003 introduced the Maithili language to the Indian Constitution's Eighth Schedule. Because of this revision, Maithili now has the same legal standing as the other 21 Indian scheduled languages, allowing it to be utilized in official settings like government and education. A significant success for the Maithili-speaking people, who had long fought for this recognition, was the inclusion of Maithili in the Eighth Schedule. All significant political parties supported the modification, which was seen as evidence of Maithili's rising stature in India.

Addition of Maithili Language in Telecom IVR - At a meeting with Union Telecom Minister Ashwini Vaishnav in New Delhi, MPs from Darbhanga and Araria, Dr. Gopal Ji Thakur and MP Pradeep Singh, praised and thanked him for incorporating the Maithili language into the telecommunications industry. All telecom service providers will now offer Interactive Voice Response (IVR) and customer support services in Maithili, according to MP Dr. Thakur. All Indian telecom service providers will provide IVR and customer care services in Maithili in an effort to better serve Maithili speakers. By doing this, it will be simpler for residents of Bihar and Jharkhand to receive assistance from their telecom providers in their own tongue.

Benefits of Maithili IVR and Customer Care Services - For the millions of speakers of the language, the introduction of Maithili IVR and customer care services is a positive development. They will find it simpler to contact their telecom companies for the assistance they require, and it will benefit Maithili's cause. Offering IVR and customer service in Maithili has a lot of advantages. These advantages consist of -  

  • Increased customer satisfaction: Customers are more likely to be happy with the customer service they receive if they can access assistance in their own language. 
  • Reduced language barrier: By lowering the language barrier between clients and customer service agents, it will be simpler for customers to receive the assistance they require. 
  • Promotes Maithili language: IVR and customer service services provided in Maithili will assist to advance the Maithili language and culture.

A step in the right direction has been taken by the Indian telecom sector with the launch of Maithili IVR and customer care services. Millions of people will find it simpler to contact their telecom providers for the assistance they want, and it will support Maithili language promotion. I'm hoping that other telecom companies will take notice and begin providing IVR and customer assistance in Maithili. This would be a fantastic opportunity to engage a larger audience and offer superior customer service.

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