Download Corona Vaccine Certificate on Whatsapp


Initially, Government of India made an announcement for COVID-19 Test Report(Antigen Test or RT-PCR) and it was compulsory for all Indian to travel in International or Domestic flights. Time to time it has been upgraded and revised for various purposes. Now almost all Departments and State Governments including International Flights Travelling,  It has become compulsory to show the proof that you have taken COVID-19 Vaccine(Any Vaccine like- Covidshield, COVAXIN, Sputnik Etc.). And to prove that you are supposed to show your COVID VACCINE CERTIFICATE(CVC).


If you're from Bihar you might have noticed all the Government Office asking you to show COVID VACCINE CERTIFICATE(CVC) before entering in office. Even if you have taken a single dose of any vaccine you can get a Corona Vaccine Certificate. And you can show it to anywhere they ask for it. In fact, step like this is for our betterment we all should co-operate. Apart from these a Covid Vaccine Certificate issued by the government offers an assurance to the beneficiary on the vaccination, type of vaccine used and the provisional certificate also provides the next vaccination due. 

There could be many requirement in future to produce certificate for certain kind of social interactions and for many other things. As of now, we all have two option to download our corona vaccine certificate number one is COWIN Portal and another one is AAROGYA Setu Mobile App. But today we are going to elaborate you the third and easy option to download your corona vaccine certificate using Whatsapp. 


Today, Government dealt with WhatsApp now you can easily obtain your Corona Vaccine Certificate on WhatsApp. Just follow these steps to Download your Corona  Vaccine Certificate anywhere anytime using WhatsApp.

Step: 1 Save Number 9013151515 in your Mobile Contacts, Let's say "MyGov Corona Helpdesk"

Step: 2 Open WhatsApp

Step: 3 In Chat Section Search MyGov Corona Helpdesk

Step: 4 Now Type a Massage "Corona Certificate" Send it

Step: 5 They will ask for OTP

Step: 6 Enter OTP

Step:7 Download Your Corona Certificate and Produce it anywhere, anytime.

As we have some news about the third phase of Corona, we might have to face another Lockdown and Life may continue like that. If don't need Vaccination Certificate, then also just Save this government contact in your phone, 9013151515 is an amazing step by government. Whenever you massage using whatsapp at least you'll get a menu to proceed or all the updates regarding Covid19. Just Look at the Screenshot, Follow the Screenshot to Download Your Corona Certificate Anywhere, Anytime.

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