Job Vs Business, Discussion Before Decision

Job Vs Business, Discussion Before Decision -  If you're in situation to discuss Job Vs Business, Just do very important thing i.e. DISCUSSION. Don't Decide what to do or what to choose without discussing all aspects of being in Job or in Business. Both are not easy, and at the same time not tough. It needs some times, hard work and dedication. In jobs we have to work for life but in business we just work har couple of years to establish our business and once it is established we free to enjoy our life on our condition and on our own wish.    
Job Vs Business
Job and it's type -  Mostly, We have only two category - Private Job or Government Job. Let's discuss about both type of job in details before discussing about the Business vs Job.
Private Job - In simple words, when we work for some private firm or organization, we call it Private Job. Sometimes and in some cases it is much better then Government Job depends on your skills, talents, position, passion and hard work.
Government Job -  As simple as that, when we work for Government or their entity we call it Government Job. It is also better then Private Job in some aspects. Basically both jobs have their pro and cons. 
Can't say much about it, But one thing is definitely true that in job you'll get paid only when you work there 9 to 5 and you are physically fit for that work. Let it be private job or government job, they will only pay when you are working. No work no payment.
Business and it's type - Just kidding! there isn't any type of business in terms of comparison with Jobs. There is just business and people just own business. Best thing is that in initially, one need to work hard to establish the business but as once it gets established you just enjoy your life and enjoy the earnings. Look around, think about the country where more people are in business are more developed then the country having good human resources for jobs. Think about the town or state where more and more people are in business having better GDP and better life style then the town or states having more more human to do various jobs. 
Business is better than a Job
Assume it a good MNC job or a growing business, the debate between business and job is an evergreen topic. It is very important to discuss about it and take decision on time. But slowly as time passes by, your life will be limited to home and work. No matter what amazing job you get, you'll always have to follow your boss. You have limit on everything you do even on your earnings and life style. You can't have better life then your boss is having. In government job there is a limit on your income as well. But here comes the beauty of business, which gives you un-limited time, money, and a luxurious life style. There isn't any bond or limit on anything. Having a successful business is almost like a dream come true. 

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